Building Your Reputation As a Speaker

by | Feb 28, 2020

As event organisers expectations rise, everyone involved is being asked to raise their game, especially speakers. For Stellar Speakers it’s always been more than just showing up to deliver a keynote. We know the added value a speaker offers happens BEFORE and AFTER the event too.

Adding greater value as a speaker beyond your keynote will build your reputation with event organisers who will be delighted to invite you back again.

We’ll illuminate some ways you could increase your reputation & value.

1. Customise Your Keynotes
At Stellar Speakers we don’t subscribe to the cookie-cutter approach. Clients want to feel you really understand their unique situation, issues and challenges and that you are speaking directly to their needs. They want to feel special and know they are getting something unique. When people talk about you, you want them to be saying, ‘Oh that speaker, they were great when I heard them at these other events. They’re always original, it’ll be great to hear them again. As opposed to ‘Oh, that speaker, I’ve already heard them speak. They’re just doing the rounds, churning out the same keynote.’ Customising your keynotes, keeping things fresh and alive.

2. Be Involved In The Planning Process
Getting involved at the planning stage of an event helps speakers to understand the organisations or event organisers goals. It can help build long term relationships, allow you to get a feel for the culture, shape the event, and understand the people in the audience. Event organisers will value your knowledge and expertise as a sounding board. And you will build your reputation as someone who knows their stuff. You’ll also be someone the organiser feels they can trust.

3. Be Prepared With Extra Content
For one reason or another other speakers do sometimes cancel and you may get asked with only minutes to go, to go on stage to fill the slot. Be prepared with ice-breakers, a workshop or masterclass or other useful, relevant content you could use to fill the slot. A panicked event organiser will be grateful.

4. Have Supporting Content Ready To Go
Would an article, video or interview support the event and get the audience excited ahead of time? You could offer some content to go out in a newsletter or on the events website. This strategy for event organisers reduces no shows and creates talking points ahead of the event itself and your contribution is added value.

5. Offer Social Media Promo Support
Getting people along to events is one of the biggest challenges event organisers. Speaker bookers will likely have checked out your audience size on Social Media before booking you, so offering to share information about the event, expo, or organisation will interest them. Start the conversation pre-event. Tag them so they know what you are saying about them and build goodwill. Supporting them in creating a buzz around the event will increase anticipation for the audience – more added value.

6. Offer to Join Pre or Post Keynote Gatherings
Often the event organiser has arranged gatherings such as VIP Breakfasts or Q&A Panel sessions. Offering to be available to attend these lets the client know you are keen to understand their needs, culture and support their audience.

Attending is an opportunity to find out what the participants hope to gain from the event or their biggest ah-ha after, giving you useful information to make your keynote even more personalised and specific to the event as well as giving you information for future speaking engagements.

7. Be involved in the debrief
We always recommend a speaker follows up with an organisation after their event to get feedback on your keynote and contribution to the event. Offering to be involved in the event debrief adds value to the team as you share your knowledge and experience. You’ll be known as someone who is professional, makes a big impact, offers unique and customised content and who speaks directly to the organisation. It puts you in a perfect position for being invited back.

Engagement is key and any event organiser will value your contribution in this area, building your reputation as a valuable speaker.

Stellar Regards,
Your Stellar Team

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