How To Create Engaging Online Training

by | May 8, 2020

For the near future, delivering keynotes, workshops and trainings digitally looks like the way forward in our industry. This comes with a new skill and responsibility of keeping audiences engaged remotely, which is an art to be learned and practiced.

We know that you are comfortable with in-person delivery techniques but the virtual world requires different strategies, tools, and delivery techniques and we want to support you as much as possible with this adjustment.

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll illuminate some of our top tips to help you create engagement when running online training.

* Build Interest With Pre-Session Activities
A good way to build interest around the event is to get in touch with participants several times in the weeks leading up to the date. Do polls & surveys and get to know them a little on a personal level.

* Use Ice Breakers
As participants won’t be in the room together allow them to get to know who they are sharing the virtual space with. This will help build trust and rapport and also give you time to get them in the right mindset for the teaching they are about to experience.

* Hold a Flipped Lesson
Flipped lessons incorporate reverse instruction which has participants watching lesson material on their own before they view the main lesson. This is especially useful because it gives participants initial knowledge and understanding prior to the start of the training, thereby allowing more time for useful discussion and productive conversations. Also as soon as each person joins the lesson, they are ready with questions and feedback providing for a richer discussion.

* Give Factsheets
Give participants a factsheet style handout of what the session will cover with the ability to note their questions around those topics.  This also creates more interest in what is going to be covered during the session.

* Offer The Recording
Things can come up which means someone couldn’t catch all of your training or maybe they had technical issues which meant they missed part of your presentation.  Offering a recording gives participants the ability to watch your presentation exactly as you delivered it.  It’s also a great strategy for getting seen by decision-makers who may not have been able to attend the live meeting.

* Use The Interactive Whiteboard
If you are using Zoom, the Interactive whiteboard works as a flipchart would in a training room.  Use it to bring a different visual dynamic and interest to your presentation.

* Harness Mini-Groups
Split your audience into mini-groups and send them off into virtual Breakout rooms to work on exercises having a spokesperson for each group feedback their findings to the main virtual room.

* Change The Dynamics of Teaching
Play a video, do a guest interview, or show a whiteboard animation video to switch up the learning style and content, creating an interesting and memorable experience for your participants.

* Use Screen Sharing
Share your screen and do a live demonstration of behind the scenes. This works particularly well for demonstrating tech and delivering ‘How-to’ training.

* Use Summaries
When you feel lost or confused you can switch off so help keep your audience on track and avoid confusion by including summary slides with the key points you covered after each section, and include recaps and take questions.

* Use Pictures, Graphics & Animations
Help bring your words to life with personal stories, interesting comparisons & descriptions. You can also use purposeful graphics & animations to drawn your viewer’s eyes to highlight specific points.

We’ve also put together a checklist to help you deliver effective online training – you can
access it here.

If you would like any support with learning how to deliver powerful presentations online or you just want to hone your skills let us know and we’ll pull together resources to support you or point you in the direction of reliable service providers or partners.

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