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Stellar Speaker Essentials: Niching

Professional speaking is very competitive and one way to stand out is to niche!  Not only does it help people see your uniqueness but they can instantly discover how your content & training is relevant to their organisation.  So learn about the importance of niching in this module.


Neil Fellowes


Managing Director

Neil’s passion is in the field of influence – what motivates or inspires people to take action.

Throughout his career in sales, customer service, marketing and PR, his purpose has always been to help people improve their experience of everyday life & reach their full potential.


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If you don’t know your speaking audience or the people who will book you for gigs, you won’t make an impact with your message and your marketing won’t convert into sales!  Discover what aspects to uncover to understand and connect with your ideal client avatar.

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Your professional bio is your digital profile that helps position you & acts as your online credibility reference tool.  It’s the first piece of marketing collateral that all bookers will require, so how well is yours working for you?