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Stellar Speaker Essentials: Testimonials & Results

In order to prove ROI with your keynotes & workshops you need evidence of your impact, which is always best illustrated through 3rd parties.  Discover how to get testimonials & where to use them.


Jo Fellowes


Marketing Director

With 15 years in business management & digital marketing Jo is passionate about helping speakers, coaches and authors in wellness and personal development to implement their vision, to scale up and spread their brilliance – taking away the headache, stress and worry of the tech and implementation.  Read more…


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We don’t encourage you to have set keynotes that you deliver to death, but the titles you give to your keynotes will help you attract an audience to attend & also ensure that you are marketing your outcome in your style.  Learn our titling advice in this module.

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A picture tells a thousand words & when you have a range of professional shots they can illustrate your style, the stages you’ve spoken on & help bring your content to life!