How To Sell From The Stage

Keep your audience glued to their seats and have them love what you say so much, they will be ready & excited to work with you.

Module 7 : Pitch And Close

In module 7 you will understand why the pitch is so important. I’ll also show you what the pitch needs to include and help you understand how the right close gets action takers into action.

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Introduction to Pitch & Close

Module Video

Neil Fellowes


Managing Director

Neil’s passion is in the field of influence – what motivates or inspires people to take action.

Throughout his career in sales, customer service, marketing and PR, his purpose has always been to help people improve their experience of everyday life & reach their full potential.


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In this module I’m going to show you how you get the pay-off from transitions. “transitions” are pivotal for keeping your audience on side during your presentation and not having them feel like you have pitching at them before they leave.

Go On to: Bonus Material / Troubleshooting

When it comes to selling from the stage, there are two sections of the presentation where speakers often hurt their sales conversions. These two sections are in the rapport building section and the pitch and close section. This troubleshooting video explores these two problematic areas in more detail and includes an invitation for you, if you would like Neil’s help on these sections.