How To Sell From The Stage

Keep your audience glued to their seats and have them love what you say so much, they will be ready & excited to work with you.

Module 3 : Positioning The Topic and Audience

We all know that first impressions count and the last thing you want to do is lose people in the first three or four minutes of your presentation. In this module, we respect the importance of your first few moments on stage, and give it the time it deserves in your preparation.

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Introduction To Positioning The Topic and Audience

Module Video

Neil Fellowes


Managing Director

Neil’s passion is in the field of influence – what motivates or inspires people to take action.

Throughout his career in sales, customer service, marketing and PR, his purpose has always been to help people improve their experience of everyday life & reach their full potential.


Go Back To: Outlining Your Presentation

How we use the three biggest transformations people get from your product or service and show you how to use it to structure your presentation content.

Go On to: Building Rapport

In module 4 we look at how you build rapport and position yourself as a speaker within the sales presentation. It’s not a long section, but it is a section that will have a huge bearing on your connection with the audience and your sales.