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When it comes to selling from the stage, there are two areas where I see speakers hurt their conversions. These two areas are:

Rapport building

If you overplay your credibility, fail to make your story relate, don’t show enough humility or show too much vulnerability or empathy you will turn your audience off.

Pitch and Close

If you don’t get this right you will do your audience a disservice and end up going home unpaid!

This consultation ensures that you optimise these critical sections in your presentation to maximise the opportunities from every keynote you deliver.

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Together, 1-2-1 on Zoom, I will critique the rapport section, showing you exactly where to improve it and how, and give you specific wording where necessary.

I’ll also critique your pitch section and discuss your offer, pointing out what’s missing and helping you make a simple clear offer.

Special Offer – Act Now – £750 

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