As speakers and event organisers, there is always more than meets the eye when providing a STELLAR experience. There are many professionals involved behind the scenes.

That’s why we support our clients with access to industry professionals who cater
for professional speakers & live training events.

Stellar Speaker Essentials

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How to Sell from The Stage

Are you ready to get paid what you deserve?

Learn how to sell from the stage.

Give value and get paid!

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Speaker Business Consultancy

Is your speaking career going in the right direction?

Book an invaluable consultation with one of our agents to get pointers on your direction and assets as a speaker.

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Website designers

Event marketing specialists

Branding & positioning experts

Lead generation marketers

Public relations

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Speaker development

Professional speaker trainers

Consultants to transform keynotes into workshops

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Photography, Videography & AV

Portrait and event professional photographers & videographers

Videographers to create speaker showreels or promotional promotional footage

Audio visual technicians

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