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There are four typical problems facing you when you  sell from the stage…

It’s true. Speakers often fail to get paid what they deserve. When this happens, usually one or more of four problems exist:

  1. Speakers focus on giving value and forget to make an offer
  2. Speakers don’t know what to offer
  3. Speakers don’t know how to make an offer
  4. Speakers worry about upsetting an audience when they pitch 

When you don’t address all four of these problems, a presentation with a sales pitch can feel yucky and can upset your audience. When you do address all four problems you create a valuable presentation for your audience and get paid what you deserve.

Give value and never
feel nervous about pitching again

‘How to Sell From The Stage’ gives you a step-by-step process that enables you to confidently deliver value. It also shows you how to make an offer and what that offer should include. It gives you the timing and the exact words to use – so you get your audience on-side and never need to feel nervous about pitching again.

In this course you will learn how to keep your audience glued to their seats and have them love what you say so much, that they will be ready & excited to work with you.

I always felt nervous selling from the stage. It made me feel uncomfortable and I wasn’t really sure when to mention my products. I felt it was a last-minute mention and I know my sales were suffering. I would end up packing up my books and CD’s and taking them all home again. I felt like I had wasted my time speaking for free or for a low fee as I wasn’t getting the product sales I was hoping for.

Doing Stellar Speakers course was an eye-opener. The seven steps were really practical and helped me understand about delivering value and when to introduce the product at the right time. I am sure this will help me feel more comfortable with transitions from adding value and selling products.

I really love the bonus material. The templates and checklists are very beneficial. I have experienced many disappointing presentations where my expectations didn’t match what the booker had promised. This ends up wasting my precious time. The speaker agreement guide will save me this disappointment in the future. From doing this course I expect to save a huge amount of time but also feel more confident introducing additional products and services to the audience. I am excited to use these techniques and I am very grateful for this training.

Trish Tucker May

Here’s what you will learn in
‘How to Sell from the Stage’

‘How to Sell from the Stage’ is a 7-step programme.

The programme is an online course, allowing you to learn from home, in your own time. It also means you can revisit sections as many times as you wish.

‘How to Sell from the Stage’ focusses on giving value, so your audience leaves and feels grateful for the education they received, and it also enables you to serve the 15-50% of your audience who are ready to buy from you.

We have thought of it all for you…

Here’s what you will learn:

Where to start the sales process

  • Where to begin your presentation planning
  • The number one reason for feeling disconnected, inauthentic pushy or salesy during a presentation, and how to correct it
  • How to sell with integrity

Developing the presentation outline

  • How to write enticing marketing bullet points for your presentation including buzz words and copywriting techniques
  • How to structure bullet points for maximum effect
  • How to use your bullet points within your presentation

Positioning the topic and the audience

  • Know how to disarm and engage your audience from the outset
  • Hear examples of how to position the topic and the audience, so you know exactly how to do it
  • Know how to create a partnership with the audience, so you don’t alienate them when you sell

How to develop rapport

  • Know the critical moment in your presentation where you either win your audience over or totally lose credibility
  • Understand how to be seen as a leading expert at the same time as being likable, trustworthy and humble
  • Know how to tell your story, make it relevant and teach something of worth as you do it

Delivering Value

  • Know where you can deliver value, how and when
  • How to move the sale forward, without upsetting your audience
  • Understand how to build trust during this section

Developing a partnership with the audience

  • Know what a transition to sale is
  • Understand why we use transitions in a sales presentation
  • The exact wording to use for the transitions – miss this out and you will turn your audience against you!

Pitch and Close

  • Understand why the pitch is so important
  • Know what the pitch needs to include – including examples of exact wording
  • Understand how the right close gets people off the fence and into action

Four great bonuses
that enhance your learning

Bonus 1


'How to sell from the stage' template

everything we’ve given you in this course has been condensed into a template, so you can use it over and over again for different presentationS

Bonus 2


'How to sell from the stage' check list

a checklist of every aspect you need to include, so you can tick it off when you know you’ve included it in your presentation

Bonus 3


Speaker agreement guide

this guide helps you to ask event organisers all the important questions that go into an agreement. This means everyone knows what to expect and there are no disappointments at the end

Bonus 4



 This bonus module dives more deeply into these two areas all speakers need to get rightbut most struggle with. This bonus module shows you how you can fix them

Neil Fellowes

Neil Fellowes

Neil Fellowes is a speaker agent, who has worked with speakers and authors for more than 15 years, helping them develop and sell their workshops, trainings and books from the stage and via webinars.

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