Are you wanting to raise your profile and
impact by speaking at TED?

A common goal for speakers is to include a TED talk in their bio and speaker showreel, as it illustrates to bookers that you’re a Thought Leader and that you’re able to effectively present your message in a succinct and impactful way.

So what’s holding you back from getting
a TED speaking gig?


You don’t know where or how to apply?


You're unsure of what your talk should be on?


You want speaker training to help you give an effective short presentation!

If you are stuck or procrastinating with these objections to becoming a TED Speaker, then let us help you!

We have insights and training from experts:

  • John Bates a multiple TED & TEDx speaker & trainer to companies like NASA
  • Tara Majumdar a culture expert, trainer & TEDx organiser
  • Brett freeman a neuro-leadership consultant & multiple TEDx speaker
  • Elaine Powell a TED specialist speaker trainer

**Please note that beyond our own experiences with TED or TEDx, we are not affiliated in any way with TED Conferences LLC and do not represent the opinions or policies of TED & is not endorsed directly by

Start our TED Style Training to gain immediate access to:


A directory of TEDx Stages in Great Britain and the organiser's contact details


Exclusive training with a variety of TED Speakers and Speaker Coaches learn the mistakes and top advice from people who have first-hand experience


Interviews with TEDx organisers to get inside knowledge of what they are looking for in their applications

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