Do you want to be managed by a speaker agency?

Do you want to increase your speaker fees by improving your marketing & positioning?

Do you want to develop, both in your speaking & business management skills?

Access Industry Insights, Opportunities & Resources That Make You A Stellar Speaker

In order to become a speaker managed by Stellar the first step is to ensure you have ALL the essential speaker assets in place.

If you don’t have one of these assets in place, that’s the place you need to start. Rising Stars will help you develop these assets as well as giving you opportunities to speak, industry reports and updates, additional trainings and more… 

This is what’s required to be a Stellar Speaker


Professional photographs


A clearly defined niche


A distinct avatar & USP


A professionally written speaker bio


A professionally edited showreel


Strong & clear keynote titles


Testimonials & proof of results


A performance evaluation method

If you do not have ALL of these assets in place now, join Rising Stars and allow us to show you EXACTLY what’s required for representation.

Speaker Essentials Online Training

Putting the foundations into your speaking business to help position yourself as an expert and charge your value. This training covers everything to creating your speaker showreel & bio, niching yourself & Identifying your USP, creating keynote titles that grab attention and lots more!

A Directory Of Speaking Stages

We’ve listed hundreds of expo’s, conferences & personal development stages worldwide with contact details and guidance on how to prospect them for your next speaking engagements.

Speaking Opportunities

We regularly share speaking opportunities in our community for you to apply for, some of these are non-paid but can be used for lead capture sales or marketing and others are paid engagements.

Regular Speaker Industry Updates

As an agency we get access to industry insights & become aware of trends. As a result we share these insights, trends and create & update sector briefs, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Access to Speaking Assets

It’s important to have guidance & training on marketing materials to help you stand out as a speaker. Which is why you get access to resources like Speaking Contract templates, Speaker 1-Sheet templates, showreel guidance, etc.

Become a rising star

Quarterly training

We hold regular online training on all aspects of becoming a professional speaker and running a speaking business so not only do you become a stellar speaker but you also run a profitable & sustainable business.

Access to quality providers

Your speaker identity is paramount. Event organisers want sharp, impactful speakers who they can trust. Our team of proven service providers (including photographers, web designers, videographers, speaker trainers etc) help you look the part and build instant trust with your marketing & positioning.

Speaker Representation

When you’ve completed our training & meet our speaker management requirements, you’ll be listed as a managed speaker on our website & will be allocated an agent who will source speaking engagements on your behalf.

What our speakers say about us

I was an established speaker and had a couple of keynotes, but had taken my focus off speaking. Speaking is something I enjoyed and I wanted to do more of it and Rising Stars has given me an opportunity to regain my focus, from the roots up. I like that this is a programme with an easy to follow structure. I can dip into when I have a few minutes and want to learn about an area I want to improve upon. It’s also served as a great reminder of all the assets I already have in place and shown me how I can use them better.

Nicky Marshall

When I joined Rising Stars, I knew I wanted to take my speaking to a professional level and I thought I needed an agent who could help me facilitate bookings. On joining, and simply navigating the member space, I quickly realised that there were many aspects of the speaking business I hadn’t considered that were not even in my plans! I scheduled an Accelerator Call with Neil and in 30 minutes he came up with a very catchy keynote, and effectively mapped out a structure for a 30-minute talk with me and he alerted me to 3 speaking opportunities I could apply for today! Above all, he candidly mapped out what I would need to do if I intend to go far in the speaking arena. I look forward to more of what Rising Stars can bring and hope to take advantage of every resource and opportunity provided.

Yemi Shodipo

For anyone considering a career as speaker the £70 spent on the Rising Stars programme is the best investment you can make! The on-line training from Stellar Speakers covers all the essentials of what you need to do to have the best chance of being booked to speak, with plenty of practical advice too.

Jane Peyton

Stellar has two categories of speaker

Stellar Speakers

Professional speakers of great influence. They are the ‘go to’ person in their industry and provide both expertise and insights to organisations.

Rising Stars

Our ‘up-and-coming’ professional speakers.  You might not have heard of them but when you do, you will never forget them!