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Welcome to Stellar Speakers

Stellar Speakers are a unique speaker agency representing thought-leaders, change agents and experts dedicated to making a positive impact.

Our promise is to ensure that booking a speaker for your event is not only a seamless process, but that your organisation receives value and ROI on your investment. We offer more than motivational speakers. Our speakers are also award hosts, female speakers, experts in sustainability, mental health, tech and more. 

With Stellar you get more than a transactional booking process.  We support you in shaping your event, help you to set objectives & outcomes and ensure that we provide you with a speaker who is a perfect match to achieve this.

We are a pro-active agency that does more than just react to training needs. We are often used in an advisory role, helping to forecast company needs, rather than just reacting to problems. 

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New ideas & insights from speakers in change managment, business managment, economics, climate change, entrepreneurship, fincance, marketing, team & peformance

Mindset & Performance

Drive performance through thoughts, emotions, beliefs & values, leadership, female inspiration, teamwork, resilience and peak performance

Psychology, Wellbeing, & Spirituality

The presence of positive health, feeling purposeful, mental health, resilience, adversity, diversity, equality, inclusion, emotional intelligence, women’s day.

And YES! All Our speakers excel at delivering virtually, hybrid or on stage

While the world quickly digitalised events in 2020, the Stellar management team had been embracing virtual events since 2010. As a result, your company will be safe and experienced hands when planning a virtual event because we’ve encouraged our speakers to up-skill to digital delivery too. Let us help you find the perfect speaker or MC and create an event full of impact.

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