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Because we’ve been representing speakers for more than a decade, we know what speakers need to become more bookable, highly sought-after & well paid. Use our free guides & trainings as your next step. 


Increase Your Speaker Income

Get Paid For

Every Speaking Gig

Craft A Signature Talk That Gets You Paid

This speaker training programme helps you build a valuing giving presentation that gets you paid every time you take the stage. The training is perfect for new speakers and speakers who want to get paid more, but don’t yet have the reputation to increase their fees. It’s also great for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to sell a product or service from stage.

Build Credible Proof 

Get On The

TEDx Stage

Show What You Can Do & Get More Bookings

Our TEDx speaker training is perfect for speakers who want to get on the TEDx stage.

TEDx stages are great for obtaining quality video footage that showcase you as a thought-leader, able to present a message in a succinct & impactful way. If you don’t yet have a showreel or other video evidence, and can’t afford a camera crew, a TEDx is the way to go.


Get Speaker

Agent Ready 

Develop The Assets That Get You Taken Seriously

Rising Stars is a speaker training where the focus is on the assets that get you booked. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a speaker or how good you are on stage, or what incredible stories you have to tell; if you don’t have the 8 essential speaker assets in place – to a high enough standard – bookings & opportunities will always slip through you fingers. Rising Stars will help you develop those assets.