Compassion – The New Currency of Organisations

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Business Growth


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This month’s topic is Compassion – The New Currency of Organisations

One could say there has never been a more relevant time to focus on mental health within organisations. People have been massively affected by the current situation and continue to be concerned about their future, whilst turning their attention to helping their organisation regenerate at pace.

For regeneration to happen people need to have their mental health considered as organisations start to bring more people back to work under new working conditions.

People could be returning to work with all sorts of mental health struggles:

  • Bereavement
  • Domestic violence
  • Handling numerous changes very quickly
  • Caring for at at-risk family
  • Worried about their children going back to school
  • Worried about their partner who was furloughed or lost their job
  • Worried about finances and their future

A report by the World Health Organisation states depression and anxiety has a significant economic impact; the estimated cost to the global economy is US$1 trillion in lost productively.  Being a compassionate company and focusing on mental health has an impact on the bottom line.  The organisation’s health is reliant on the health of the individuals it’s built with.

Managers need to understand what mental health looks like and what it means to the organisation’s bottom line. They need to be able to create a climate where people feel supported and they need to understand where compassion fits into their leadership toolkit and the difference it can make to the organisation.

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