Corona Virus Support Pack for HR, L&D and Event Managers

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Business Growth

As the events industry is starting to get over the initial shock of how Corona Virus has affected us, we are dedicating this month’s Newsletter to supporting you in this time of change.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently published a 9-page document that offers both general and corona-virus specific considerations for organisers hosting large events. We highly recommend you review it to get clarity on the new safety requirements and good communication practices that should be followed when events are allowed to happen again.

Unfortunately, not all live events will be able to be rescheduled, but we are seeing a lot of clients pivot very quickly & have adapted to deliver digitally, whether that be how their teams are working from home, or how training can still happen with effective facilitation and live streaming.

Due to the ongoing advances in technology, virtual meetings and webcasting, events have been successfully delivered across the globe. Live streaming of events enables people to take part in an event without the need to leave their home or office. We are big fans of and for live streaming and video conferencing.

We have also compiled some essential training for you to share with your team in our Corona Virus Support Pack for HR, L&D and Event Managers. 

It contains support on:

  • Crisis support & mental resilience
  • Managing your work team and home team in isolation
  • Technology to help your teams to work remotely
  • Self-care and immunity
  • Facilitating online meetings during a crisis

You can get access to the free resources and training here

The Stellar Speakers involved in the training in our Corona Virus Support Pack include someone currently advising the NHS on the mental well-being of their teams, a wellness publicist and BBC radio presenter, the MC and facilitator of several world medical congresses, a business leader who has already experienced working in isolation with his family and more… 

Please share the content with your team and let me know if we can continue to help your organisation with further training, facilitation & consultancy which can all be delivered digitally. 

If you would like to discuss how our speakers & trainers can create bespoke content & training for your orgorganisation please contact Neil Fellowes our Managing Director here or contact him on (+44) 07904 19 11 63


Stellar Speakers

Corona Virus Support Pack


Our keynote speakers have pooled their knowledge and wisdom on a number of related Corona Virus topics with the intention to immediately help you support the mental and physical well-being of your teams and even have productive virtual meetings from isolation.

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