Event Industry Trends: Digital, Hybrid and Live Events

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Business Growth

Event Industry Trends

It’s fair to say that Corona Virus accelerated changes in the events industry that were taking years to catch on. The ability to deliver digital events has been an available option for more than a decade, making hybrid a viable option soon after, but are digital and hybrid events here to stay? This article looks at these event industry trends.

Although it is fair criticism to say the event industry trend towards virtual and hybrid events was slow, pre-2020, it’s not really surprising that this is the case.

People enjoy getting out and about. They enjoy the opportunity to meet up in person and network. More than that, whenever people meet, they always create energy, which can be amazing to be part of. But what are the other pros and cons?

Event industry trends: The Pros & Cons Live vs Digital… vs Hybrid…

It’s claimed that digital doesn’t offer the same tangible experience as in-person events do. When laughter erupts in a room, or people get up and clap or participate in other ways the energy is heightened. People get to meet, and mingle, have incidental meetings over coffee or in the lunch line.

Digital does however save costs such as travel, hotel expenses, time away from the office. Its more convenient and makes participation easier and opens up the event to people living in other parts of the country or world, who might not have been able to attend. But the benefits of digital don’t stop there…

With digital, there are no limits to how many people can attend. However, with in-person events, there are always room capacity issues to factor in.

While many event planner think a keynote speaker will be cheaper for a virtual event, this really isn’t the case. With virtual events there is often additional briefing, preparation and testing required. The keynote still requires preparing and presenting, the only real difference is travel and associated expenses.

Digital Distraction

It’s often claimed that distraction is also a key issue with digital events, with things going on in the office (or home office) that easily draw attention away. While this may be an issue for the new presenter or MC, professionals are on the case…

Professional Mc’s and speakers are aware of the attention issue for virtual presentations and now deploy devices within their presentation to raise the level of engagement and keep the audience’s attention.

But what about hybrid events?

Hybrid is a middle road. It’s been created to offer the best of both worlds – the opportunity to visit the event live, or experience it back in the office. Hybrid caters for the people who like to network in person as well as people who don’t want to travel or can’t travel.

It’s also potentially better for the environment due to less travel and less wastage at hotels and may even save costs and produce a better ROI than an in-person event.

The big danger with digital and hybrid of course is internet connectivity. These days connection is generally less of a problem, but you just never know when your presenter or your audience might lose connection. But then you can say the same about AV hitches too, you never know when the mic or the video screen or some other hitch can strike!

Having looked at the pros and cons… let’s look at results from a survey and see what they tell us about event industry trends.

Will the future involve more or less digital and hybrid events?

According to Explodingtopics.com the vast majority of event businesses plan on focusing on digital over the next few years. Meanwhile, 67% say that hybrid is the future of events.

Many larger companies, who often ran just one conference per year may now consider smaller, virtual events, more often. This may help alleviate pandemic-related safety concerns and produce a greater ROI, due to lower costs.

Finding Speakers & event hosts with virtual delivery skills

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