How professional speakers make their keynotes memorable…

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Business Growth

make keynotes memorable

Professional speakers have a knack to make keynotes memorable. Think about this…

What grabs your attention… the power-point with stats and data or the story?

Stories engage the brain and humanise the material a keynote speaker shares on stage. It also makes the content more memorable and shareable.

Storytelling is vital to keynote speaking and you will want the keynote speaker for you next event to tell stories. Here’s more on why…

Keynote speakers may use a story to create intrigue on a topic, before they go into detail. Alternatively, they may give information and then tell a story to embed the information they shared, so it sticks with the audience long after the event.

Why do stories work?

Stories work because they make information and learning more relatable. This works because of something called ‘neuro coupling’ (where the brain converts a story into its own narrative). By the use of stories even dull or complex topics can be transported into something understandable and inspirational.

They engage us at an emotional level, through the plot, the character, the journey and the dialogue. They build empathy, increase trust and encourage or persuade an audience on a topic.

Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people and it could be a story your next keynote speaker brings to your audience that galvanises an organisation or a team ahead of their next project. The story in this case becomes an extended metaphor that inspires the team through the project.

Make keynotes memorable: Examples of Great storytelling…

Steve Sims, is called the real-life Wizard of Oz for good reason. He has developed a remarkable gift for making the extraordinary happen. He doesn’t understand why you can’t pay piano with Sir Elton John, or get married in the Vatican and his inquisitive nature has almost certainly led to challenges and failures.

Now, Steve could fill his keynotes with anecdotes and facts and tell you to keep going, but instead, Steve tells stories that let his audiences into his astonishing world where he makes magical things happen. In his keynotes he’ll tell you stories that will blow your mind and make the impossible seem possible.

Watch Steve Sims showreel:

Caspar Craven, is known as the adventurous entrepreneur. As he circumnavigated the globe with his wife and young family (3 children under 10 years of age) he sold one of his businesses for 7-figures. Imagine the challenges you’d face just getting all your family in a boat for a holiday, let alone organising your whole life for a trip that would take you away for a year. Add to that the unpredictability of the sea, and weather and you have a cocktail of life lessons that embed themselves into principles for engaging and managing your home team and work teams.

Watch Caspar Craven’s showreel

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