If Your Organisation Focuses Purely on Tactics – You’re Building an Empire on A House of Cards!

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Business Growth

strategic approach to business growth

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This month’s topic is Business & Strategy.

If Your Organisation Focuses Purely on Tactics – You’re Building an Empire on A House of Cards!

Growth, Profit and Sustainability are top objectives for most organisations, but often when consultants scratch underneath the surface the strategy that underpins them is quite flakey, as are the measurable outcomes!

We find that companies put more time, effort and resources behind ’short term tactics’ as they fight their metaphorical fires. However, it’s not unusual for the Senior Leadership Team to be tired and burnt out from managing just the tactics rather than providing overarching strategic leadership.

So, if it’s time for your company to get strategic about your business growth, our Business Expert Speakers can support you. Not only do they have professional expertise, they have on-the-ground experience, so they know exactly what works and what is needed.

So how can your organisation improve its strategic approach to business growth?

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“The Adventurous

Caspar has over 30 years’ experience in building successful teams, from finance through to tech industries. He’s also run & sold his own 7-figure company whilst sailing around the world with his wife & kids! Learn how your Personal Family Team have the blueprint for your Dream Professional Team.

Stellar Showreel


Forbes Entrepreneur Magazine called Steve Sims, “The real-life Wizard of Oz”. For his clients he’s closed Museums in Florence to place a table of 6 at the feet of Michelangelo’s David, then had Andrea Bocelli Serenade them. He’s helped arrange a marriage by the Pope, in the Vatican, with Sir Elton John providing the music. He’s sent clients down to the Titanic wreck, placing them on stage with their favourite rock group and worked with Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Let him inspire your audience through his Art of Making Things Happen

Steve talks on the topics of:

* Communication, Marketing and Negotiation 
*Mindset & Performance
*Customer Service & Sales 
*Innovation & Creativity


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