The 4 Types of Financial Risks Your Company Could Be Facing

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Business Growth

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The 4 Types of Financial Risks Your Company Could Be Facing

It’s always better to invest in Risk management training and strategies, rather than incur the various costs associated once the problem has occurred.

These are the top financial risks that most companies are facing:

  1. Market risk involves the risk of changing conditions in the specific marketplace in which a company competes for business.
  2. Credit risk is the risk businesses incur by extending credit to customers. It can also refer to the company’s own credit risk with suppliers.
  3. Liquidity risk includes asset liquidity and operational funding liquidity risk.
  4. Operational risks refer to the various risks that can arise from a company’s ordinary business activities.

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Managing Your Business In Uncertain Times

by Stellar Speaker, Caspar Craven

Caspar had the pleasure recently of working with a diverse range of brilliant people from Cisco’s CyberSecurity team on how they are managing and handling change and adapting to a set of moving goal posts. Simple ideas that work include:

  • Getting crystal clear as a team on what’s the #1 priority and working towards that collectively.
  • Being clear on the roles that each person has to play in making that happen (at work and at home).
  • Being deliberate specific and conscious of the rituals and habits that you are using right now.
  • Playing to your strengths whilst not falling into your weaknesses.
  • In these strange times, the teams that work best are the ones that stand the best chance of thriving and accelerating through our current situation.

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