What a Keynote Speakers Testimonials Tell You About Them

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Business Growth


Keynote speaker testimonials can tell you a lot about the speaker… quickly.

When it comes to booking the keynote speaker for your next event you want to be confident in the speaker you choose. You can gain a lot of information about a speaker very quickly from their testimonials if you just know what to look for…

This article will show you what to look for in a testimonial so you can quickly and easily scan a testimonial and rule a speaker in or out.

What is a testimonial, really?

A testimonial can be defined as a statement given by a past client that describes their experience with the speaker. The testimonial can be given in writing or by video.

In most cases, a speaker will just ask the person who booked them for a testimonial, but more savvy speakers, or their agent or manager, will ask more specific questions that help future bookers understand what they will get when they book a speaker.

Reading a handful of testimonials about a speaker should show the impact the speaker had on an individual or audience, the experience they enjoyed and the transformation that happened with before and after comparisons. Where available you will also see statistics showing improvements.

What do keynote speaker testimonials really do?

From the speaker’s point of view, the testimonial is an essential part of their marketing. A speaker booker, looking at the testimonials can be sure the speaker is going to use the most credible credentials at the bottom of their testimonial, based on the events they have spoken at. They will also want to use the best wording available too, so they can showcase their reputation as a speaker.

If you are booking a speaker you need to be able to see through the marketing and be confident in your decision. is an essential element of content marketing.

Why do testimonials work?

Testimonials work because they provide social proof. It’s the next best thing to a recommendation from a friend.

In a way, testimonials are a subtle sales aid. You can read the speaker’s bio, speak to them and even agree on a fee. But in a booker’s mind, there is always the question of proof. If a showreel is available, that may answer the question about the speakers on-state delivery, but there will still be a question about how they perform and interact and the results and outcomes.

That’s where testimonials come in. A good testimonial is the icing on the cake. But what makes a good testimonial?

What makes credible keynote speaker testimonials?

A credible speaker testimonial includes the name of the person or organisation giving the testimonial. The bigger the name or organisation the more credible the testimonial may be.

Testimonials with just initials are not thought of as being very credible. As a booker you would much rather see the name of the person, title and the name of their company.

A keynote speaker testimonial will also very quickly tell you a lot about the experience and competence of the speaker. For example, an established speaker who is used to speaking in front of big audiences and commands a larger fee will have testimonials from corporations and institutions. You will likely have heard of these organisations. The testimonial will also likely be from a Vice president, Director or CEO.

Less experienced speakers will have testimonials from schools and universities, companies you haven’t heard of and the testimonials will be given by the business owner or an event organiser.

Know this means you can literally skim-read the testimonials and know if the speaker you are considering is right for your stage.

For example, if your event budget is zero – £1500 you should expect to book a speaker whose testimonials show less experience and credibility. If your budget is £5000+ you can expect to see your proposed speaker have more experience and credibility. If your budget is between £1500 and £5000, expect to see at least one big stage in the speaker testimonials. It’s an indication this speaker is on the rise and their fees will likely increase soon!

This table expresses the level of credibility based on the person and organisation giving testimonials. It will help you look at a keynote speakers testimonials and grade them, so you find the speaker that is right for your event.

Speaker testimonials

If you are an event organiser or planner at a University or school you can use this chart to find the right speaker with the right deal. Many Universities and schools have a limited budget, but what you can do is offer the speaker a testimonial with a prestigious name at the end of it. This gives the speaker an asset they can use and get the University a speaker that can help them, within budget.

If you are an event organiser with a large corporate, and you have a larger budget and want a professional and polished speaker, you will look for speakers who have testimonials from organisations you have heard of.

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