What Are People Saying About Your Organisation?

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Business Growth

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This month’s topic is:

What Do People Say About Your Organisation When You Aren’t in The Room?

We always here about bad practices when they hit the press, and often this leads to companies considering their own culture as a knee-jerk reaction instead of being proactive!

Thanks to the necessary exposure of misplaced company and employee welfare practices (such as BBC gender pay gap, Uber and not forgetting the Harvey Weinstein #Metoo campaign), HR managers and consultants are urged to push past the ‘fluff’ and address what really matters; their people.

Great company culture theories, such as the HBR Framework and Schein Culture Model clearly demonstrate that companies who measure profit and monetary incentives higher than human empathy and employee understanding are more likely to damage business performance, especially as people return to work post Covid.

So, our question: is your organisation more focussed on profit than purpose?

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