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Caspar Craven is a leading authority in achieving big bold goals through effective leadership and high-performance teamwork. He understands, first hand, the importance of putting people first in order to get results.  He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of personal big bold goals. He has genuinely lived what he talks about as a serial entrepreneur, CFO and also as an adventurer, having twice sailed round the world.

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“The Adventurous Entrepreneur”

Caspar Craven is a leading authority in achieving big bold goals and a passionate advocate of the quality of leadership and high-performance teamwork that comes from a very human approach to building teams.

His experience comes from his time as an entrepreneur building and selling businesses, as an executive in large companies and also from having twice sailed around the world, most recently with his wife and three young children under 10 years of age.

Caspar Craven understands, first hand, the importance of putting people first in order to achieve big bold goals. He understands because he has made every mistake in the book on the way to achieving a number of ambitious goals. He has lived what he talks about.

Big bold goals stretch what we believe is possible. When we set big bold goals, we also build a plan grounded in reality to achieve it. Goals like ‘5x or 10x’ not only engage and focus a team, they force us to get creative and innovate in ways we may not have otherwise considered.

Going with the status quo won’t get us nearly as far. Small incremental goals are the single best formula for creating an uninspired workforce and risk the very existence of a business in a fast moving disruptive world.

Virtually every industry is being disrupted by nimble renegades and truly aspirational leaders have no viable choice other than to set big and bold goals. Until we start thinking and embracing big and bold, we will keep repeating the same pattern of small incremental change rather than delivering game-changing breakthrough results.

Caspar’s obsession is with setting, tackling and achieving big and bold goals. He’s a best selling Bloomsbury Author and his recent book “Be More Human – Rethinking the rules of high-performance teamwork” sets out the principles behind achieving big bold goals by being more human and putting people first.

  • Big Bold Goals – How to Achieve the Impossible
  • Be More Human – Rethinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
  • Time to Change Tack – Adapting in Times of Crisis

Caspar recently spoke at our virtual annual conference event and was a massive hit! His approachable, knowledgable and practicable style meant that ‘Big Bold Goals’ resonated fantastically well on a very personal level, as well as aspirationally from a team and company culture perspective.
Board Director – Shared Services Forum UK

A privilege to have Caspar present at our Financial Services kick-off event. It’s how an ‘ordinary’ person can achieve the ‘extraordinary’ through thinking ‘big and bold’ which will inspire and motivate all!
Global MD – BAE Systems Inc

“Caspar delivered an incredible keynote at our customer event. Seldom do I see speakers create such a level of engagement with their audience, I honestly believe people would have stayed for hours to ask questions! I cannot recommend him highly enough”
Head of Channel Management and Partner Enablement Sage

“The feedback was phenomenal – he kept us captivated on how to achieve Big Bold Goals through effective high-performance teamwork”
Managing Director – Protiviti

I wish I could’ve heard him talk all day. His speech is full of optimism, great advices that can be applicable by anyone and very enriching !!
Marketing Lead – Hager Group

Having very recently booked Caspar for one of my high profile client engagement events, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His talk was extremely engaging and exciting whilst at the same time delivering some key messages on winning teams which were so relevant for the audience. If
you want a speaker who will make people listen and engage, Caspar is the one!
Holly Ainger – Acting Marketing Director B2B Nuffield Health

Caspar was our opening keynote at the Rewards & Benefits Summit, an event that attracts an audience of senior HR professionals. He delivered a sensational presentation that both engaged and inspired our delegates. I’d highly recommend Caspar.
Georgina Kelly – MD Summit Events

Caspar is a consummate professional and one of the safest pair of hands on the speaking circuit. He did a superb job at our annual awards for 470 of the small business and investment community. An insightful, genuine and inspirational storyteller that was bang on message for the evening.
Guy Tolhurst – CEO Indagate Group

I recently engaged Caspar to speak at our Datacore Sales Kick-off in Malta. Caspar did an excellent job engaging the entire team. It was a tough audience consisting of 85 Sales people from 9 countries with the majority not having English as their first language. The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. Caspar provides a balance of practical advice and inspiration, the delivery is authentic and entertaining. I highly recommend Caspar.
Amanda Bedborough, SVP Operations EMEA DataCore

We invited Caspar in as part of our quarterly speaker programme which is designed to stretch the thinking of leaders across our organisation. In the five years of running the programme Caspar is one of the most inspiring people we’ve heard from, offering us a fresh perspective on leadership and working better as a team. As well as being very entertaining the
talk was highly relevant to our business and our employees left buzzing with tangible takeaways. I thoroughly recommend Caspar as a speaker!
Chloe Marsh – Head of Communications, RHP Group

Caspar’s presentation was described by our customers as ‘captivating’ and ‘inspiring’ with almost all rating the session as excellent. Caspar was one of the most professional and personable keynote speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Really went the extra mile to understand our audience and then gave up his own time to chat further with our customers in the evening, which they really enjoyed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caspar – an incredibly talented and genuinely nice man.
Sheona Griffiths – Head of Marketing – WPM

We recently invited Caspar Craven to speak at the annual user conference for my company, Kareo. Caspar shared the lessons he learned through building a successful business while preparing for an extraordinarily audacious goal to sail around the world with his wife and three young children. It was an inspiring, uplifting, and enriching speech about leadership and life that made a profound impression on our customers, employees, and me. As a member of YPO, an international CEO organization, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many amazing speakers over the years and I think Caspar is among the best I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of Caspar and enthusiastically recommend him to leaders in business and community that want to create a unique and powerful experience at their next event.
Dan Rodrigues, CEO and Founder Kareo


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