Derek Mills

Derek Mills enables people to make new ‘Standards’ in their lives by aligning to their purpose, potential & philosophy of life.  Featuring in the film ‘Think & Grow Rich The Legacy’ his message is reaching thousands worldwide.

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“The Standards Guy”

You have heard of superstar business gurus who seem to have led a charmed life, having success after success from their twenties and through the whole of their lives. They have lots to share from their experience and rightly so.

Derek Mills did things differently; he was a failure for most of his business career but discovered a way that turned the whole of his life and business around. This is what makes his story so compelling. Derek is the everyman who became an internationally renowned professional speaker, business guru and bestselling author through the development of unique guiding principles. He did it from a standing start without any of the corporate attachments that those other business gurus had all of their lives.

However, he has now spoken for and worked with a number of FTSE100 companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and global organisations.

The son of Jamaican immigrants, Derek was born in Birmingham, England. He grew up happily there with his six brothers and sisters, until the age of 13, when his mother died. This plunged him into the world of a stutterer.

Throughout his 20’s and 30’s, far from being successful Derek had great financial challenges and debt. His situation became dire, and at one point his family home was moments away from being repossessed by the bank. He was working long hours, and this kept him away from his family.

Derek is the author of ‘The 10 Second Philosophy®’ published by Hay House. He is the creator and power behind, through which he shares his philosophy of living by Daily Standards. If you have ever set goals and not achieved them, then find out why Daily Standards are the missing link to your happiness and success. If you have never set goals, then Daily Standards is an alternative way to live the life of your dreams.

Derek has conducted over 15,000 personal financial interviews with people considered to be ‘not wealthy’. In addition, in the last 10 years he has carried out over 5000 ‘millionaire meetings’ and discovered who they are, what they are, what makes them tick and their philosophy. He knows about wealth, how not to have it and how to have it.

Derek’s unique philosophy, practices and approach have led him to become:

  • An expert in ‘THINK’ the Movie based on the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (the bestselling personal development book of all time)
  • A Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • A Fellow of the British American Project (for future leaders)
  • A former Advisory Board Member at the Birmingham Symphony Hall
  • An Award-Winning Film Producer
  • Wealth Management Expert
    • DailyStandards® The Missing-Link to Success with Your Business Goals
    • Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work and What to Do About It
    • The ABC&C™ of Success in obtaining new clients
    • Authentic Selling in the 21st Century
    • The Art of Being Happy and Successful
    • The Authenticity Individual
    • Multiplying Business Results in less time
    • Super Brands and What They Do that you can copy
    • Discovering the Hidden Figures in your Company

    Derek Mills is a man who is redefining the measure success for so many. He shows us how setting goals is a waste of time! He proves that it’s setting standards for the way you want to live will make you truly successful. He eloquently delivers his message in a way that deeply serves the audience whether from the stage, or on the screen. His outstanding track record in business, sales, wealth management, international speaking, coaching have even taken him on to become an award-winning film producer. Clearly Derek turned his own life around by tapping into his inner genius, let him assist you and your audience in doing the same.
    Dov Baron, Consultant for fortune 500

    Derek Mills is an inspirational speaker and an incredible coach. He has spoken to my audience a number of times and has always been very well received with fantastic feedback. And having personally benefited from private coaching sessions with Derek, I highly recommend him.
    Simon Zutchi, Crowdproperty

    Derek is one of the all time greats as a 21st century entrepreneur, author, speaker and motivator. He gets it and he helps you get it too as he presents the path to success in a simple A,B,C, process. He presents the missing link, the final number in the combination that unlocks the secret to success. Even a child can use his methods and every child should apply his philosophies whether at school or play. Thank you Derek, you are one in a billion.
    Leroy Anthony Dallas.  Guardian Life Limited

    Derek is a modern day personal development guru. Not only has he created a paradigm shift where goals are concerned but he lives by the principles that he teaches. Watch out for the”Standards Guy”.
    Karl George, The Governance Forum

    I had the opportunity to see Derek speak when we were both spoke on the opening day at the Million Dollar Round Table, and he was fantastic! His story is compelling and his insights are powerful. I have referred him to many people inside and outside of the financial industry because his information can impact anyone who is trying to increase their profits! I highly recommend Derek Mills!
    Dr. Willie Jolley, Willie Jolley Worldwide

    We cannot express in words how grateful we are for your contribution to the success of SMS2012. Your inspirational, uplifting and thought-provoking message resonated with the entire team.  It is unquestionable how far your message has reached and the value it has added to our individual journey. This is already evident in the overwhelming volume of calls and e-mails that we have received since the conclusion of your presentation.
    On behalf of the entire Sagicor family, we say thank you and wish you all the best in your future pursuits.

    I’ll be frank and to the point. I was cynical and I was proved wrong. Out of twelve speakers at the Momentum Risk Summit event, Derek’s presentation, in my view, was the most valuable to the delegates. He was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.
    Robert Phillips – Thundermark Event Management

    Mr. Derek Mills is such a dynamic, engaging speaker, I believe we were very lucky to have him on stage for our Blast Off 2016.  Comments from persons rated his presentation as “very good to excellent.” The material truly resonated with our audience many of whom are looking for expert advice on building their own brand and communicating more effectively whether as Advisors or Administrative Staff.  He gave clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to implement these valuable strategies.

    In fact, one of the best professional speakers I’ve ever heard at our Blast Off event. His talk revealed key strategies for discovering your core values as a leader and using them to effectively engage and motivate people.

    I would like to personally thank him for sharing his personal story, for those of us who are looking to broaden our horizon his presentation gave us plenty of food for thought and brought new energy.
    Patricia Myers – Guardian Life Limited


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