Dylis Guyan

Dylis Guyan is an International Sales and Marketing Leader, Coach and Keynote Speaker.  With more than 30 years’ experience in the sales and marketing environment she is also a member and course director for The Chartered Institute of Sales and Marketing and part time lecturer at Said Business School part of Oxford University.

Customer Service & SalesCommunication, Marketing & Negotiation, Leadership, Collaboration & Team

£1,000 – £5,000


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“The Sales Storyteller”

Having worked 14 years of her career in Financial services & being recognised as; Top Trainee of the Year, Top Field Sales Manager & Top Regional Director, she is highly respected in sales.

In 2000, she set up her own company working with businesses to increase sales revenue by: Attracting, converting, and retaining more of their ideal clients.

Dylis Guyan’s style is unique as she illustrates her messages through real life stories which captivate, inspire and put a brand-new practical perspective on selling.

Her passion is to educate her clients on how to easily attract a consistent, steady flow of ideal clients without having to work so hard, whilst avoiding the peaks and troughs of cash flow. She helps them increase sales revenue, position themselves as the trusted adviser and avoid the trap of discounting prices which reduces margins.

She shows them the What, Why and How with proven, undiluted, step by step strategies on exactly how to get those high paying clients. Because of this, those who work with her get more clients in record time and make more money than they ever would on their own.

Dylis Guyan has generated all of her own business, working mainly in the blue-chip market. One of her major clients increased corporate sales from £125,000 to £1.1 million within 12 months.

  • Attract your ideal clients…..with ease!
  • You’ll never say “I Hate Selling” ever again!
  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes that even smart business owners make with their sales
  • The time to sell to corporates is now

Dylis has worked with my company twice in the past 3 months, initially working with the whole team of 23 people on marginal gains. This session was such a success – with great feedback from everyone who took part – that we couldn’t wait to ask her back to work with the management team. Dylis warmth and ability to communicate make her training sessions a delight. Her message is based on her own considerably experience in the work place with lashings of common sense.
Julie Simpson, Managing Director at Wealden Times Ltd

We attended a presentation by Dylis at the Teeside Business Expo at Middlesbrough Football Club. Dylis spoke with passion and enthusiasm, her thoughts on building business and attracting the right clients left us wanting to explore things further with her. Dylis is very passionate about what she does and it comes across when she speaks. Looking forward to working together further.
Jane Wallace, Business Development Manager, at Goldsmith Executive

Working with Dylis was nothing short of excellence. Dylis is incredibly knowledgeable and not simply delivering training but having lived and breathed sales in the real world, providing insightful advice and guidance sharing best practices that work. Dylis is an inspiration I hope I get chance to work with her again.
Lonya Sherief, Solutions Manager, Royal Mail Evangelist

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Dylis on a number of sales and marketing training programs for over 15 years. Dylis is foremost just a really great person. She is committed to finding “the Heartbeat of her clients” and provides the exact solutions they need which produces phenomenal results.

She teaches the A to Z of Attracting, Converting and Retaining ideal clients in a way that is easy to both understand and easy to implement Dylis has done it all, attracting her own corporate and SME clients and delivering outstanding results. She really knows what works. Her teaching comes from her many years of learning and studying from the best in the world as well as from her own experience. She has so many funny, engaging, true life stories to tell. She keeps you on the edge of your seat, in a very personal and engaging way.

She has proven content, and a style and manner that appeals to all levels of competence from the new sales person to those selling to global markets and C Level clients.

Her Inspirational training and coaching includes proven step by step methods with explanations and demonstrations throughout which means her audience is fully engaged and leave her programme motivated and inspired to implement the learning immediately into their own business, giving exceptional results. This is evidenced in the demand for her services.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dylis and her services to any and all who ask.
Craig Moore, Senior Vice President – Sales at Dragnet Solutions, Inc

Dylis has had a huge positive influence on my career.  She recruited me into Financial Services at the age of 23 and by the age of 25/26, I was into the top 10% of Advisers in the country and had the belief; value; processes; the skill and the confidence to make the transition to become a Partner of St James’s Place Partnership, advising High Net Worth Clients on ‘How to Grow their Wealth. Dylis knows what has to be done to get results and her motivational style works. If you are serious about growing your business then I urge you to seriously consider taking Dylis on the journey, because she will transform your thinking and your results beyond your expectations.
Simon Fletcher, Partner of St James’s Place Partnership

Thanks again for the excellent course and your continued support enabling me to achieve this years contract. I am now 5th nationally in my Financial Sales.
Marie Mahon, CSM Barclays Bank PLC

Dylis was instrumental in our shops growing their ‘external sales’ with other businesses.

Our managers found her sales training programme to be both effective and inspirational. Her straightforward and easy to understand approach gave our colleagues ideas and strategies which they could immediately turn into action.

But more than anything, it created a belief and a ‘can do’ attitude amongst our managers. As a result of Dylis’s programmes our external sales grew from £225,000, to well over £1.1 million within 12 months.
Peter Burdon, Former CEO Thorntons

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