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Gary King, a Yorkshire man who has spent almost 30 years in business, tackling nearly every issue you’re likely to encounter. Having worked both in corporates & with SMEs he champions a way that they can both work together to ‘Future Proof’ your talent.

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“The Freedom Fighter”

Hailing from Yorkshire, Gary King’s hallmark is his straight talking, no-nonsense approach. His passion for supporting the growth of UK businesses comes with a steadfast belief that success is determined and measured by FREEDOM. His mission is to decrease the heart-breaking high failure rate of SMEs.

A rapidly rising star on the national stage, Gary King explains how his ‘Freedom to Choose’ model helps business owners make sense of how to decide where & when to invest their time and energy for the best commercial and personal results. He even likes to teach this insight to the next generation by sitting on the board of the Young Enterprise Association.

For most SMEs their focus is with cashflow & time management, but for corporates it’s all about talent & the ability to stay agile. That’s why Gary king is championing a growing trend of corporates hiring SMEs to outsource areas of specialism, like social media, product development, legal etc.

In order to have true freedom, all businesses need to have clarity on their purpose, their pricing & income models, their team and their growth & exit strategies. Gary’ King’s keynotes & workshops provide practical advice for both corporates & SMEs in these areas.

His model was born from a very defining moment and a personal revelation while running his own business. Since then he’s refined the process and has spent the last four years mentoring his Tendo clients with on-line, 1-2-1 and peer group support programmes based on the model as well as launching and running two further profitable businesses.

Gary King’s key skill is being able to draw on his corporate and fast-growth SME expertise to dial into the issues holding a company back and then help his clients scale faster by increasing profitability, productivity and flexibility.
Not only does he explain how to do this without compromising lifestyle goals, he explains how it can be done to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

  • Strategy In Action
  • Planning In Uncertain Times
  • Sustainable Profit
  • Scaling With Confidence & Clarity
  • Dream Team Formation
  • The Entrepreneurs Trap

I would highly recommend attending one of Gary’s seminars as he has an ability to dissect complex business topics into bite size chunks which business owners will learn from.
Richard Coulthard, Ison Harrison

Gary’s talk was about why having a strong business plan helps to form a strategy which will lead to business success. Gary was able to bring the teachings of business to life in a way that captured the imagination of our students, giving them food for thought.
Louise Watmough, Woodhouse Grove School

One of the best presentations on how to grow an SME business I have seen in a while, delivered in a language I could understand.
MD Business Banking, NatWest

Gary delivered an outstanding presentation on growth and scale.  His presentation was engaging and thought provoking.
NatWest, Leeds

The session clarified and simplified the whole business plan process and the interactive nature allowed us to put our ideas into practice.
Leeds Business School

Gary delivered a highly professional presentation that was engaging and hugely enjoyable.  We came away with inspirational ideas we can put to practical use.
Leeds Business School

Gary’s questioning provides invaluable clarity of thought and he does this in an engagingand humorous way. He is an inspiration!
MBA Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

Gary delivered a very inspiring presentation.  His expertise and the way he delivered the presentation was of great value to the attendees.
Polish Business Congress Organiser

Gary is a very inspiring speaker and experienced advisor helping entrepreneurs to drive their business forward.
Polish Business Link Attendee

Gary delivered a very inspiring presentation at the First Congress for Polish Entrepreneurs ( in London recently. He told us about the best ways of selling to British clients and everyone in the audience benefited from Gary’s advice and tips.I would like to recommend Gary as a speaker for any business related conferences. We will have Gary included in the agenda for any further workshops and conferences as we are certain that his expertise and the way he delivers the presentations will be of great value to the attendees.
Polish Business Link event Organiser

Gary is a person you should have in your contact book if you are looking to transform your business performance. He is a very inspiring speaker and experienced advisor helping entrepreneurs to drive their business forward.
Polish Business Link Founder

Gary delivered an inspiring and engaging keynote session on ‘Building the business you want and having your desired lifestyle’ giving attendees an insight into the do’s and don’ts of running your own business. There is no doubt I would recommend Gary as a speaker for future events and conferences and we look forward to working with him again
Capital Talent Organiser

Gary was highly engaging and kept the audience involved and interested.
CIMA regional President

Gary’s seminar was very professional.  It was refreshingly honest, with a useful, simple path to follow for our business growth.
Business Owner

Gary delivered a workshop for us at Bradford Junior Chamber covering the sales process, how to define your niche and how to double your profits (yes, double!).  Gary’s direct approach, past experience and thorough understanding of problems that affect SMEs means he should be on the radar of all SME business owners in Yorkshire, just don’t leave it too late!
Chairman of Yorkshire Junior Chamber

Gary is an engaging speaker who’ll make you feel uncomfortable, in the best possible way.
Lee Jackson Regional PSA Head

When Gary talks/presents it is like gulping multiple breaths of fresh motivation air.  He uses his experiences honsetly and openly shares how his hard work is paying off for him and we all need a couple of leaves from his book.  The feedback on him from our ABM London Conference sponsored by NatWest on Friday has been exceptional.  Thanks once again Gary.
Kerrie, Winner of the Peoples Mentoring Champion at The National Mentoring Awards

Gary never fails to impress and such was the case at the London Conference of the Assoc. of Business Mentors recently.  Gary’s keynote was spot on the post refreshment agenda was sufficiently light hearted to make the audience of successful business owners, mentors and coaches laugh yet serious enough to make us think.  His natural talent is a pleasure to listen to and learn from. Because as business owners and mentors/coaches we never stop learning.  Thank you Gary!
Simon Fordham, Business Mentor, Executive Coach and Practical Consultant

Gary was funny, really interesting and inspiring – the session was really useful and I have learnt tons of stuff.
Allerton Grange School

An informative, entertaining and challenging presentation.
Steve Twynham, Area Partner NetworkB2B

Gary’s enthusiasm is infectious. Our students learnt that anything is possible and whilst academic ability is important, displaying the right qualities in terms of dedication, commitment and resilience is much more important to employers and will lead to successful careers.
St Mary’s Menston

His presentation was very relatable for all our Year 10s, providing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
David Clement, East Leeds Academy

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