Dr lisa turner

Dr Lisa Turner is a 5-time author, respected speaker and creator of proven, deep transformational technologies that guarantee anyone to transform, quickly and easily.  She believes we are at a tipping point, where it is essential for organisations and individuals to evolve to a higher level. 

Leadership, Collaboration & Team, Mindset & Performance, Psychology, Wellbeing & Spirituality

£500 – £1,000


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PowerCentred Leadership

Dr Lisa Turner’s mission is simple: to enable individuals to become self-actualised, fully empowered, internally driven and motivated,  which creates tangible, real world results.  She works with leaders to active their Leadership PowerCentres™ to become self-motivated and internally driven, thus creating results organically. 

With a PhD in Mathematical modelling and Aero-acoustics Lisa made the extraordinary transition from a scientist to a leadership teacher through her own search to become free & empowered.

She was kept as a virtual house prisoner for 5 years by a paedophile from the age of 15. Her experience of how she became free now fuels her dedication to freeing the minds of others who are enslaved by the illusion of their inner limitations.

As organisations strive to create effective leaders in their company, Lisa enables your organisation to discover each person’s unique leadership PowerCentre™ empowering them to understand the various styles of leadership & what personality & skills are required to lead in this way.  This process also supports authentic leadership by enabling leaders to access their higher purpose. Imagine an organisation filled with powerful, purposeful leaders and the powerhouse teams they’ll create!

Since her freedom she developed her practical models and technologies for removing limitations and reaching full potential and becoming a certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, alternative therapy as well as western & eastern mystery, Life coaching, and activating their PowerCentres™.

The ultimate outcome for her clients is for the leaders in the whole organisation to shift to a new stage; leading from their PowerCentres™, moving away from out-of-date management and moving toward collaborative, values-driven leadership, using their unique strengths, when this is achieved, they rise far above simply having a successful business.  They build a wholeness in their organisation of leaders who are engaged, have a purpose and higher goals – an organisation without limits. 

Lisa Turner’s charismatic, ‘real’ and humours style, is engaging.  She has the audience hanging on every word to make her keynotes, memorable lasting and impactful.  Government leadership teams, CEO’s and Business Owners seek Lisa out to speak and facilitate workshops to help release their limitations and step into their leadership PowerCentre™.

Her appearance on television shows such as This Morning, SkyNews ITV news, a variety of local radio and featured in over 20 magazines makes Lisa an accomplished, popular speaker.

  • Activating Your Archetypal Leadership PowerCentre™
  • Leading from within – harnessing your unique leadership power
  • Removing Obstacles & Personal Limitations – Permanently!

“Lisa is a real PRO and a joy to have on the show!
Eamonn Holmes, TV Presenter

Lisa has spoken at my events several times. She’s very, very engaging and charismatic speaker. You really are putting your audience into safe hands.
Bernadette Doyle – Business Coach and Mentor 

Lisa inspires and captivates the audience.  I thoroughly recommend her to others looking to wow their audience.
Jemma Prittie, Solar Events

Lisa has now spoken at 2 of my events; a development presentation on Intuition at a Network event and then as a Keynote speaker at our Conference. What an amazing presence she is! Delivers her message in such an engaging and humorous way, had the audience hanging on every word. Great feedback afterwards from participants and can’t wait to find another excuse to listen to Lisa speaking. Thoroughly recommend.
Gill Donnell, MBE, Founder of the Successful Women in Business Network


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