Michelle Carvill

Michelle Carvill is a strategic marketer, digital agency founder and three times published author in the digital marketing and social media space. Her mission is to support leaders and game changers understand social media from a strategic perspective and gain confidence with the social technologies and digital transformation.

Communication, Marketing & Negotiation

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“The Connected Leader”

Social and digital technologies continue to pervade our lives and social media is fast becoming a leadership core competence. Ignoring social technologies is no longer an option.

Michelle Carvill’s mission is two-fold;

1) Educating leaders, leadership teams and game changers about the digital and social landscape and the competitive advantage social media and digital transformation can bring and

2) Equipping leaders and game changers with enough strategic insight and practical tactics so that they can build effective digital footprints both personally and for their organisations and communicate confidently.

For over 10 years Michelle has championed social media, educating, implementing, managing, coaching and consulting literally thousands of people across a range of events and organisations, including the BBC, PWC, LinkedIn, ACC, Air Products, Norbord Europe, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Oxford Farming Conference, PR Week, ICAEW, CIM, IDM, to name but a few. Her insights, models, frameworks and know-how are based on years of applied experience, learning, testing, adapting, tuning in and understanding what really works.

Michelle is known as a genuine thought-leader, something that many CEOs, leaders and game-changers are striving for daily. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio, the Institute of Directors, CIM and numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of social media and digital.

She’s had a career in strategic marketing for over 30 years. And whilst in Michelle’s view, there’s nothing like hands-on experience to truly understand how things work, real-world challenges and how to overcome them, she is a fully qualified strategic marketer, with a MA in Marketing Strategy, a CIM Diploma and a Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Which explains her obsession with being objectively focused.

Her style, whilst no-nonsense, combines provocation, challenge and fun. A communicator with the insight to read an audience and pitch things accordingly to meet specific needs, Michelle has worked with clients around the world both face to face and digitally – across a range of sizes and sectors, professional services, creative, finance, retail, public sector and manufacturing.

Only those serious about genuinely getting social, or curious to learn how to optimise their online presence and the social media channels, work with Michelle and her team. Those that think it’s all a bubble waiting to burst and are sceptical, are advised to look elsewhere for support.

Like it or not, social media is here to stay and continues to grow and pervade our everyday lives. That means the lives of employees, customers, future employees, customers, competitors, thought leaders, influencers and peers.

Whether you choose to #GetSocial is indeed your choice. But in a world where more than 3bn people use these technologies to connect and communicate every day, can you really afford not to join the conversation?

  • Visible Leadership – How to ‘Show Up’ in a digital age
  • The True Cost of Disconnected Leadership
  • Learning to Walk the Floor Digitally 
  • Leading The Future With Connected Communications
  • Digital implementation. Clarity of strategy across all teams.

Michelle is a knowledge expert on the topic of marketing and social media – she really knows how all the various social networks/sites work, and how they can be used strategically to achieve business objectives. Her event was constructive, full of practical and implementable action plans / info / tips and delivered in a really friendly approachable manner.
Andrew Dobson – Senior Marketing and Innovation Professional

As a digital marketing consulting, there are very few people I would trust to talk to my clients about social media and digital communications. Michelle is one of them. Her book, Get Social, proves why.
David Miles, Founder and CEO

Michelle has done some great work with my team and a number of events and webinars with our clients. She shared her wealth of knowledge around how leaders, and specifically CEOs should be social. We learned a lot and our clients felt it was extremly Creatively valuable and gave extremely positive feedback. Thank you Michelle.
Ollie Sharpe, UK Senior Sales Manager, Search and Staffing, LinkedIn

I attended a full day event delivered by Michelle. She is an excellent presenter and provided very valuable insights in a fun and enthusiastic manner. I would recommend anyone wishing to find out more about social media and digital communications to attend one of Michelle’s events as she is an expert in her field.
Joanna Birch, Business Development Manager, Infinigate UK

Actionable, Interactive, Engaging and Empowering – One of the best professional Social Media trainings I ever have taken. Highly recommended.
Michael Lindner, MBA Manager Alliances & Channels, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Germany/Switzerland/Benelux/Nordics

I strongly recommend you follow and engage with Michelle Carvill – a genuine thought leader.
Dan Dackcombe, LinkedIn Global Director – Search and Staffing

Michelle is ahead of the game when it comes to marketing strategy and digital communications, so when you’re working with Michelle, you’re already future proofing your business.
Grant Pierrus, Founder, Director – The Interior Style Hunter

Michelle is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. You will leave your training feeling energised and inspired to take action after spending time with her, whether you are talking digital marketing or social media – or not!
Sarah Kerrigan, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training, Jellyfish

Michelle walks the talk – a 3 times published author of social tech. If it’s a marketing and communications challenge, Michelle’s the person to get clarity from and help to make it happen.
Elizabeth Floyd, Digital Consultant.

I have a much clearer bigger picture and critically, a more focused, week by week action plan for the steps I need to take.
Diane Kenwood, Founder, These Are The Heydays

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