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Penny Power started leading conversations in business in 1998 when she Founded the world’s first online business community, Ecademy. Her vision was to connect business owners globally and locally, both on and offline. Ecademy predated LinkedIn by four years and the unique culture created through 650,000 business owners, was of friendship in business, helping each other to connect, learn and thrive together. Penny was recognized for this contribution with her OBE in the New Years Honours List 2014.

Business and Strategy, Leadership, Collaboration and Team, Mindset & Performance, Psychology, Wellbeing & Spirituality



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“The Core Connector”

One of the UK’s most recognised digital community builders, Penny Power is responsible for co-founding Ecademy (a pre-runner to Linked-in with 650,000 members) and the Digital Youth Academy.

Penny’s passion for community and skills is evident in her books, the best-selling, Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me; Business is Personal, and the Digital Business Britain Manifesto.    

In 2014 Penny launched The Business Café, an offline network of High Street cafes for local business, creating the culture of emotional support, critical to the sustainability of all business and delivering peer-2-peer digital skills through their Skills Orchard Platform.

A seasoned speaker, with over 20 years on the global stage, Penny speaks to small businesses, graduates, career development, women’s groups and, entrepreneurs. Her clients, past and present, included Banks, Telco’s, Software/SaaS, Retail Brands, Hardware distribution, Business Networks, National and Local Government. Penny is often quoted and interviewed by the national media and enjoys chairing Business Events and Awards, and utilising her strong social media skills and following to promote and share events.

Penny is keen to ensure that business start-ups, self-employed, business owners and employed people are guided and supported in a world of communication that not only impacts the mental health of teenagers, but also working adults. Through her books and her keynotes Penny boldly opens up about the trials of her own life and her observations about how we are being sucked into believing in “lack”, rather than having the confidence in our own values, skills and dreams.

  • Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship
  • Emotional and Mental Health in Business
  • Community and Social Capital Building
  • Being a leader of your life and business
  • Managing loneliness in business
  • Building digital communities

Penny Power is a high caliber speaker who delivers. She joined our stage for a panel discussion at our Fast Forward Your Business Conference. She shared an inspiring message to an audience of 700+ entrepreneurs. Penny’s an engaging speaker and presents with clarity, knowledge and a dash of humour! 
Sandra Morell General Manager, Entrepreneurs Institute

People still mention your visit to BT. You definitely set the bar for the Women’s Network, which is as strong as ever. And pushing its way into the wider BT – and being more demanding of the company – which is great to see. 
Russell Johnstone, General Counsel, Consumer at BT; Trustee at Social Mobility Business Partnership

Interesting, inspiring, engaging and really fitted well with Honeypot’s ethos. Kate Browning, Regional Fundraiser for Honey Pot Charity

Penny is confident, enthusiastic, optimistic and full of interesting life experiences who gave us great insight in looking at self-actualisation and career progression within our diverse group at Aristocrat. We would definitely recommend and need another reason to bring her back!
Dipexa Patel – Conference organiser, Aristocrat Technologies Europe 

What I love about Penny Power is that she draws you in from the very beginning. Her honesty and vulnerability engages everyone immediately. You feel ‘she is like me’.  Experience always delivers pearls of wisdom that are priceless. Penny’s journey as a working mum, entrepreneur and pioneer in the digital community space with Ecademy and now as a new breed if business owner is inspirational. Her expertise on how to be a successful business person is really welcome. I’d like to think she is in ‘my tribe. 
The National Family Business Conference

So many of the Alumni apprentices genuinely touched by your message and heartfelt sharing of how they can engage positively with their world.
Ben Pike, CEO QA Training

We booked Penny to speak at our Female Speakers Conference this year and could not have wished for a better speaker to open the event. Penny has achieve SO MUCH in her business career and still is on of the most humble human beings I know. Her talk was deep, honest, insightful, inspiring and so much more. If you are looking for a speaker at your next event that really shows POWERFUL authenticity combined with business knowledge: go for Penny! We can’t wait doing more work with her in the future. 
Annik Petrou, Co-Founder, Female Speakers Global Ltd 

Working with Penny was a very easy and rewarding process. The expertise she brought to the show, brought not only visitors but also year’s of experience many business people only dream of. We definitely look forward to working with Penny again.
Pearl Pearce-Smith, Marketing Director for the Business Show

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