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Rachael Taplin is a key interviewer of high-profile professionals including journalists, editors, freelance media journalists, broadcasters and extends to celebrities & has been recognised as one of the Top 50 Inspirational Women in the UK and is a pivotal leading name in the media world.

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“The Media Matchmaker”

Having dedicated her 20+ year career to influencing developments across the UK media platform and encouraging organisations to access and utilise media connections to drive business growth and raise their brand profile, Rachael has been a pioneering force behind developing media and journalist collaborations, developing her own network of media professionals.

Rachael’s expertise lies in her ability to share her knowledge and experience with organisations to access media channels and connections. Through delivering the highest levels of training and support she has helped SME’s and corporates to develop their ‘story’ which is then showcased in all their media communications, generating multi-million turnovers across a variety of sectors. Rachael puts her expertise knowledge to task in her own entrepreneurial interests as well, by doing so she has helped 1000’s of UK business owners to see realised increase in sales, profitability and ROI.

Rachel supports companies through her keynotes by helping you become attractive to the media, so they profile you as the Go To expert in your industry.

Rachael is the inspiration behind Media Matchmaker, an interactive, online media platform which connects Journalists, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals to share stories, expert knowledge, articles and content. With a Nationwide roll-out strategy that is designed to connect up to 80,000 UK wide journalists and organisations, and to be recognised as the leading platform for media and business connections.

Additionally, Rachael provides organisations to access funding for business to drive advancement in technology, web solutions and products through her tried and tested approach to R&D Claims. This approach has generated funding for Media Matchmaker and is an open resource that she shares with organisations to access effectively.

Achievements Include:

• Pioneered online digital solution to bring access to the world of Media and PR through contact list development, promotion and partnering collaborations leading to the Media Matchmaker launch in 2019

• Launched National Working Mums Day in 2008, with M Magazine and Mums in Control Franchise, leading to over 70 appearances on national radio including 15 live interviews and daily newspaper coverage

• Established a magazine for working mums with a printed circulation of over 250,000 from concept, leading to replicating the model with over 60-franchise solutions and appearance on GMTV, ITV and national press

• Worked directly with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to deliver a high profile Mumpreneur Summit; attended by the UK’s leading business women with guest speakers and great networking

• Developed business models into franchise solutions within press publications, magazine editorials and community-based website exposure; inspired 500+ franchise businesses and £MM turnovers

• A leading Podcast Guest and Host, Public Speaker, Event Organiser and Collaborator, with a wealth of exposure across the media network

  • How to become The Expert in your industry.
  • How you can get the media to come to you – EVERY TIME!
  • How you can find unique publicity angels that will help you secure media coverage RIGHT NOW!
  • Why the media want to connect with YOU and how they are interested in YOUR ongoing case studies and stories.
  • What makes a good story for the media and why they will choose
  • What NEVER to do when approaching the media!
  • Understanding media deadlines and how they react locally to national news topics where you can BE THE EXPERT!

Each time Rachael speaks at my events, she blows people away, Rachael has started speaking on the major stages and she has a huge impact on her audiences. Her vibrant style, the connection that she gets straight away with the delegates is second to none. Rachael is very strong on her content and topic title, she is one of the best media and PR promoters in the UK. The help she gives to her delicates is fantastic and I can strongly recommend Rachael as a speaker. If you are a promoter, get Rachael on your stage because she will put money in your pocket.
Kevin Green, a self-made multimillionaire and social and private entrepreneur

Rachael is such an inspiring, engaging and motivating speaker. She completely comes from the heart. She captures the audience not only with her style but gives great value content. I have seen Rachael speak on several occasions and she never ceases to remain hi energy, higher content and high inspiration. If you get the chance to see Rachael talk and absolutely go for it, you will not be disappointed.
Jo Simpson Managing Director – Executive Coach – Leadership Coach – Professional Speaker

Having done 40 shows across the UK each year, we have some fantastic speakers. We don’t just get anyone in, we look at them and make sure they can deliver with good quality content. Rachael Taplin has everything as a speaker that I’m looking for. She’s been an amazing speaker with real life stories relevent not only to her own business but all the businesses coming through the door. She offers delegates that wow factor for when they leave the room. I highly recommend Rachael Taplin as a speaker to anyone and will continue to use Rachael at my events.
Mark Linton MD The business Growth Network

I see many speakers at events over the years, and we have had Rachael Taplin speak at ours and I must say she was really inspiring. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. If you get chance to see Rachael speak I highly recommend it.
Simon Zutshi Founder & CEO Property Investors Network

We’ve just finished a live TV interview with Rachael Taplin. If you are looking for someone to give you some good tips and a lot of knowledge relating to how to get into the mainstream media and the world of PR, you need to get in touch with Rachael.
Majid Harris Director & Host for PGT Live and Pathway to Grow

I have just interviewed Rachael Taplin as a podcast guest, I have to say the first thing that struck me when I started speaking to Rachael is she is full of passion, excitement and her energy continued all the way. She also gave some great stories and perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. She used examples and made it really interesting and I would thoroughly recommend that you have Rachael on your show in the future because you will not be disappointed with the quality of the interview that she gives. She really is awesome and I highly recommend her.
Neil Ball Podcast Host of The Entrepreneur Way


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