Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler’s focus is helping leaders make the shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary. His background is in musical theatre, playing the lead in Les Miserables. Outside of theatre, Richard has blended psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients to become innovative and lead their industries.

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“The Possibility Architect”

In a world where everything is speeding up, can you really afford to sit tight?! 

Richard Tyler is a Chief Possibility Architect, Bestselling Wiley Author with ‘Jolt’, International Speaker and provocateur. 

His mission is simple: to disrupt and provoke the way that organisations think, as being good is no longer good enough. Businesses have a responsibility to create an arena for people to bring all of themselves into work and to unleash their Extraordinary spirit. For over 15 years, Richard and his BTFI team have been pioneers of Artful Leadership – blending psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients to become more creative, authentic and consciously lead their industries, inviting them to look at their challenges through a very different lens. 

Richard graduated from Guildford Conservatoire with the Principal’s Award for outstanding achievement. He went on to play lead roles in many West End musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables and sung in concert halls across the globe. Richard now brings his experience of creating narratives, engaging audiences and shedding out of date masks into a corporate setting. 

As organisations historically operate from a model of building teams, Richard enables your organisation to use the theatres focus of building an ensemble; collaborative, shared power & ownership with a vision that is bigger than the sum of its parts. Imagine an organisation that played as an ensemble and released the often siloed and competitive nature of teams… 

Since leaving the Arts he developed his theoretical understanding of mindset, behaviour & Conscious Leadership by training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, CBT, Barrett Cultural Transformation, NLP & Emotional Intelligence and now combines these skills with Artful Leadership techniques in his corporate programmes & keynotes. 

The ultimate outcome for his clients is for the whole organisation to be living & leading ON PURPOSE; following their north star, striving for Extraordinary and living each moment deliberately.  When this is achieved, they rise far above simply having a profitable business, happy employees and loyal customers. They build a business that becomes a platform for influencing global and sustainable change. 

Richard’s style combines tough-love, provocation, challenge and fun. He has spoken to businesses in every continent, creating a ruckus and planting the seeds for his audience to build their extraordinary culture and send it viral. CEO’s, boards and senior leadership teams seek him out to coach, speak and facilitate workshops to help shake up their habitual thinking. He will often come in with his band of merry musicians and actors to ensure the experience is both immersive and defining. 

Whilst there is a fascination to hear Richard talk about his experiences as a performer and to get a glimpse behind the mask, most audiences want to experience his performance principles in front of their very eyes. Richard entwines stories, learning and songs to ensure that his audience lives a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether performing the iconic showtunes that put both him and the productions on the map or something a little lighter and jazzy in style, he will ensure that the audience is left in no doubt, living and leading to your full potential is the ultimate path to take. 

Only the brave dare to work with Richard and his team. Those that like to remain comfortable and safe are advised to look elsewhere. Those that are curious to flirt with being extraordinary, will enjoy the jolt!

  • Future Fit Leadership
  • Leading ON purpose
  • Resilience & Mind Hygiene
  • Unleashing Extraordinary Performance
  • Building A Sticky Culture
  • Ensemble vs Team

From the moment Richard & his team entered the room; you could tell you were in for something special. The session was interactive, informative and entertaining. I have never attended a more productive one day session in my 25+ years on Wall Street.
RD, Vice President, Global Financial Institution

Richard’s energy, mindset and provoking inquisitive nature are infectious, it’s virtually impossible to come away from a session with him without feeling you can take on the world.
Daniel Murray, Co-Founder of Grabble

As the speed of change accelerates, it is essential that bigger companies like BBC Worldwide continually shake up the accepted way of doing things. Jolting our thinking is no longer a luxury, it is essential for survival and growth. Richard challenged us to do this.
Tim Davie, CEO, BBC

A cognitive Jolt to transform your business and your life.
Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft UK

In over twenty years at the bank, this has been the most powerful learning experience I have ever had. World class!
AG, Executive Director, JPMorgan

Richard brought exactly the right JOLT to our team, with his energy, engagement & thoughtfulness that left everyone inspired to make the change to themselves and to our organisation.
Jeremy Bevan, VP Marketing CISCO

Richard Tyler should be available on prescription!

Are you up for the challenge? Through practical experiences supported by evidence based theories, Richard challenges assumptions and mental models. You can’t fail to be impressed by the simplification of robust theories and personal experience, which together help you define or even redefine, who you are and who you want to be.

Theresa Nelson, Chief Officer for Workforce, Development at Birmingham Children’s Hospital


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