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Stephanie Bosch goes to places that most Leadership experts don’t dare to explore… the dark side of dysfunctional leaders.

Adversity, Diversity & Inclusion, Mindset & Performance, Psychology, Leadership, Collaboration & Team

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“The Dark Side of Leadership”

More than 50% of managers fail because they are not aware of their dark side or don’t have it under control. They haven’t identified how their behaviour changes under pressure, how they can lack compassion or how they become invisible when times get tough. Stephanie transforms the way that leaders show up, by celebrating their strengths and uniqueness, so they can lead authentically and create happier, healthier and more profitable workplaces.

The Dark Side of Leadership is like a cancer spreading in many organisations, thus resulting in poor employee job satisfaction, low productivity and high employee turnover. In a nutshell: the wrong leaders are leading with villain tendencies, which proves to be incredibly expensive and counter productive for their teams!

So how do you know if you are housing ‘Bad Guy Leaders’ disguised in Super Hero masks in your corporation?

Stephanie Bosch helps companies to get real and speak the uncomfortable truth about dysfunctional leadership and the dark side of personalities. We all have a dark side, the importance is whether we have identified it and know when and how to use the characteristics to good effect.

Having worked in a fast-paced, high pressure corporate environments of Banking, Management Consulting and Recruitment for 12 years, Stephanie knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the dark side of a leader. She has also personally experienced the fine line of needing to put on a mask to fit into a team, and being authentic to her true personality and style.

With an MSc in Global Leadership, a Hogan Assessment Consultant and a geeky love for research, Stephanie created a signature approach to help leaders show up as their best, authentic selves and lead through uncertainty. She is on a mission to teach leaders how to use the winning tactics of the successful ‘Bad Guys’.

Through her Keynotes, and follow-up workshops around her trademarked ‘Ditch Your Mask’ programme, Stephanie Bosch helps leaders and whole organisations to not only show up as their best authentic selves and perform but also to define their reputation before someone else does.

  • Leadership Lessons from Evil Characters
  • Explore Your Dark Side®
  • Confidence through Competence
  • Sell Your Best Authentic Self

I was fortunate enough to have experienced one of Stephanie’s presentations on “Leadership Lessons from Evil Characters”.  She shared many best approaches based on her experience. She delivered the presentation with a real passion for leadership and emotional intelligence required for this role and this made it easy to understand and engage in such broadly topic; it was encouraging to see how easy it was to apply the suggestions to your own business or personal life. I would without hesitation encourage others to attend this presentation, it’s informative, it’s concise and delivered in the most professional manner.
Daniela C, President PMI Romania

Stephanie’s fresh take on leadership was both entertaining and engaging while also being thoughtful and practical. So much we see and hear on leadership is regurgitated and uninspiring. Stephanie’s speech made me take notice again. I found it quite easy to sell Stephanie’s workshop to my delegates and have little doubt that news of her unique personality and approach played a big part in the success of my one day conference.
Barry O, AVP Deutsche Bank

Dare to challenge and some people will frown while some others will value the novelty and authenticity. Stephanie’s freshness as well as the way her message is being delivered can awe an audience and make it go away with something memorable, something to think about, to analyse and to raise awareness – so precious when so much information is out there, available.
George A, Head of Eastern European Markets

I was attending the International Project Management Leadership Conference, organized by the PMI Romania Chapter when I first met Stephanie delivering the “Explore your Dark Side” concept. Her original outlook on leadership has captivated the entire audience, giving us interesting food for thought: are you aware of your dark side? Do you know how can your behavior, in times of stress, impact your career and your relationships? We might think we know the answers, however, Stephanie guided us through her unique presentation to truly explore it and understand how to benefit from it. In a time when the speakers market is so rich…but sometimes dull, I most appreciated the authenticity of her concept, the personal touch with real cases and the confidence, yet the empathetic way of delivering it. Plus…I made good use of the leadership lessons from Dr. Hannibal! Am looking forward to more of Stephanie’s workshops, which will definitely expand and challenge my development and views.
Irina C, Agile Project Manager, Vodafone Group, Member of PMI Romania

Stephanie brings a lovely plot twist to how we’ve been experiencing leadership development so far. If you felt the need for a new perspective, one which is daring and a manifesto for self-exploration and acceptance at the same time, then wander no more. To me, hearing Stephanie on ‘Leadership Lessons from Evil Characters’ made me reflect on the power of re-framing. It showed once more how eye opening can be to look at the familiar from new, unexpected angles. Does it take courage to accept, get closer to, explore and understand your dark side? Many of us would agree it does. But is the journey rewarding? More than any other development experience I have been through!
Madalina M, Technology & Commercial, L&D Solution Lead, Vodafone Shared Services

I just heard Stephanie Bosch talk about what good leaders can learn from the bad guys of fiction and fact. She’s a compelling speaker, and she’s found a fascinating, original and thought-provoking approach to a very important subject. She’ll help you understand your dark side, embrace it and then step right beyond it! Highly recommended.
Al R, Content Strategist & Copywriter

Stephanie is an advocate of Neale Donald Walsch that affirme:“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. She act as acatalyst to dismantling our dark side and to use this hidepotential to obtain spectacular results.
Mircea M, CEO Exelo

Stephanie has been a great help to our small and new team in terms of personality profiling and ascertaining areas for focus/development so we can all function better. She was both incredibly efficient and fun to work with, and her career means she is able to call on personal experiences to empathize and illustrate her points.
Abi C, Director of Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation; Chair of Paddington Development Trust

I had the pleasure to welcome Stephanie at Cass Business School. As part of the annual startup weekends I’ve run since 2015, I invited Stephanie to mentor my students during that event. Stephanie was a great addition to the event and shared with much passion her tips and advice with students. She’s a very enthusiastic and reliable person and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach / mentor.
Aurore H, Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes at CASS Business School

I know Stephanie for several years, but this time I went to her to conduct a Hogan Personality assessment. In the beginning, I was skeptical about the value that this assessment would add, and if it will provide me with any new insights that I didn’t know before…But later I was positively surprised. The assessment can mainly assess 3 different areas: How people perceive you in general, how people perceive you under pressure, and what are your main drivers and motives. What I loved so much was the analysis & explanation that Stephanie provided later after the assessment. She showed a high level of knowledge and awareness regarding what she is speaking about, and she tried to simplify the assessment results as much as she can. She also told me how to benefit from the results of this assessment in my day to day life. She was specific, very professional but at the same time very friendly. If you are searching for a personality assessment, then I highly recommend Hogan Assessment with Stephanie.
Mohamed H, Executive Coach

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