Sylvia Baldock

Sylvia Baldock, A powerful catalyst for maximising the talent in your organisation. Not only does she enable individuals to have personal impact but she assess and advises on team dynamics to improve performance & cohesion.

HR & Talent Management, Leadership, Collaboration & Team, Mindset & Performance, Psychology, Wellbeing & Spirituality

£1,000 – £5,000


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“Team Dynamics Specialist”

As a Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Sylvia Baldock enables Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose. Using powerful profiling, to clarify your natural strengths and challenges, she works with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths 70-80% of your working time.

When you are using your particular skill set, you consistently deliver at a very high standard, you become increasingly creative in your specialist area and you solve problems like never before. You are recognised as a trusted ‘expert’ and the ‘go to’ person and in your field.

Sylvia utilises impactful profiling to identify how to harness the real value each team member has to offer. This generates frank and open discussion and results in a collaborative culture where your people value their differences, tap into each other’s strengths and become more engaged, motivated, productive and profitable.

Sylvia Baldock is a Best-selling Author and has extensive experience working with Business leaders, CEO groups, Senior Managers, Entrepreneurs, Charities and Social Enterprises, SMEs, CIMA and NHS supply teams.

  • Becoming Significant
  • Harness your unique value and operate with confidence and purpose
  • Creating Collaborative Teams
  • Catalyse the Natural Talents of Your Team
  • Power Up Your Personal Impact
  • Present with Power, Passion and Presence
  • Build a Powerful Network

I booked Sylvia to compere a day at our high profile online Speaking Business Summit as I know she’s got great energy and presence on stage that would transfer well to camera & screen. I also wanted someone experienced and unflappable to compere the opening day of our convention when we were all still getting our heads round the tech. Sylvia was brilliant – confident, relaxed and reassuring. She worked well with our speakers, our AV team and the event organisers and got our event off to a flying start. Very happy to recommend Sylvia if you’re looking for an event compere and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Steve Bustin – National President, Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland

The Talent Dynamics workshops completely changed how we view our people and how we position them in the business to create more rounded teams and increase engagement and productivity. We have re-apportioned roles within the teams to ensure we are harnessing the natural skills of our people to maximise their talent.
Working with Sylvia has completely changed the way I view myself, the way I work and how I approach the many challenges that life throws at me.
Warren Few, CEO – Lee Warren Architectural Design, Fabrication and Installation

You are the consummate professional. Your stage presence and delivery are first rate. You have a great start catching the attention of the audience. You look just fabulous too. I like to see people in our profession do this job really well. And you do.

Now go set the world alight with your fabulous speaking!
David Thomas the world’s leading memory expert

I have engaged Sylvia to work with my CEO Groups and they all love her. I thoroughly recommend her services
Peter Lynagh, Founder & CEO│Peer Group Learning for Entrepreneurs│Coach for Leadership & Management

Sylvia delivered a seminar that I attended organised by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) South East England area on Personal Presence. This can be a challenging topic to deliver and give practical insights.

Sylvia did a brilliant job in sharing the concepts in a fun and engaging way. Her start to the session immediately got to the heart of the issue She got the audience involved and encouraged us all to set specific actions. Great session from a great speaker and presenter.
Duncan Brodie, Helping accountants build great careers. Working with NHS on leadership and change.

The best recommendation that I can ever give Sylvia is that she always “Walks her Talk.

I have first hand experience of this that I will never forget. As a member of two Athena groups I appreciate Sylvia’s support more than I can put in words. I cannot stress enough times how much I admire her strength and your inner conviction. Knowing Sylvia is enriching my life and I am so grateful that I met her.
Kavita Pal, Director, Omshanti Inns & Hotels Group

Sylvia is an inspiring, patient, incredibly talented and ridiculously intelligent coach who has the amazing ability of getting the best out of a person. I recently had a big presentation to do and spent a few sessions with Sylvia preparing my speech as well as getting my presentation skills honed and polished – needless to say that my presentation went like a dream and I am still getting positive feedback from those who attended several weeks on.

There is no way I would have been able to do this without Sylvia – she is amazing and I love the way she empowers everyone – awesome!
Stella Miansian Chadwick, Clinical Nutritionist and Biomedical Specialist

Sylvia, thank you for your really inspiring Presentation Skills Workshop the other day with the Chestnut Tree House Community Fundraising Team. It was such a great 2 hours, we were buzzing after you left and it gave us so much to think about and how we can improve.

We learnt so much from you, and it gave us much food for thought for how we present to our supporters, and gave us a fresh look at what we already do. The power you gave us, in believing what we had to say and how best to say it, was immense.
Caroline Roberts-Quigley, Community Fundraiser at Chestnut Tree House




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