Tim Freke

Tim Freke is an original thinker who shares life-changing new ideas with clarity and humour. He is an internationally respected authority of world spirituality, listed in the top 100 of spiritually influential people, whose work has touched hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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“The Pioneering Philosopher” 

Tim is the author of 35 books, translated into 15 languages, including a top 10 international bestseller and UK Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’. He is a passionate and playful communicator with a contagious enthusiasm for the mysteries of existence. He has internationally presented on every continent and is often been featured in the global media, such as the BBC and the History Channel.

Tim believes a new way of understanding existence is coming that will be as big a shift for human culture as the arising of science 400 years ago. Today he works with open-hearted, socially and politically conscious, mission and founder led organisations in food, wellness, tech and education, fostering emergent leadership and potential.

A master at both lighting up the mind and opening the heart, Tim teaches a 21st century approach which is practical, rational and engaged with the real world. He believes we need to ‘wake up from’ our unconscious assumptions and cultural conditioning, so that we can ‘wake up to’ new creative possibilities and a deeper experience of living.

Organisations and individuals working with Tim open themselves up to the process of evolving from separate individuals into connected ‘unividuals’, who experience a unity that transcends their individuality. He calls his philosophy ‘Unividualism: A Deeper Way of Living’, because it explains and supports this evolutionary process. It includes powerful ‘unividual’ mediation techniques to help us realise our unividuality, find our deep soul purpose and connect authentically with each other in a creative, compassionate way.

In his latest book ‘Soul Story’ Tim integrates evolutionary science and deep spirituality to offer a visionary new worldview, which utterly transforms how we see the world and live our lives.


  • The connected leader – an experiential presentation helping leaders create a supportive, effective work environment
  • Individuals evolving into unividuals
  • Paralogical thinking
  • A new world view
  • Lucid Living

Tim Freke’s message is profound, fresh, and universal! Our annual beauty industry conference is intended to expose participants to the most current thinking, ideas, and people of the time. In keeping with our philosophy that all business development is sourced in personal development, Tim’s presentation connects each of us and all of us to a higher order thinking that gives work and our roles a deeper, wider meaning. Our 1300 participants left inspired to reach their full potential, motivated to take action, to think and behave with mindfulness that goes beyond the typical motivational message presented by the majority of speakers. Truly speaking to our individual and collective desire to live our lives with authentic purpose!
Debra Neill Baker, Neill Corporation /Aveda

Tim Freke is a unique voice in contemporary spiritual teaching. He is a hugely entertaining twenty-first century street-wise commentator. At the same time he has a deep understanding of human spirituality and is one of the most well-versed scholars of the world’s religions.
William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality

Tim Freke’s work is an open door inviting one and all into the Mystery. 
Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

Thank you Tim, for being a pioneer, a guide, and a teacher par excellence.
Ed and Deb Shapiro, authors of Be The Change


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