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by | Feb 21, 2020 | Business Growth

Improve Your Organisations Communication

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This month’s topic is Communication, Marketing & Negotiation.

Communication is a skill as well as a culture! So, it’s something that should always be reviewed and developed in organisations.

Whether it be the leadership style of the SLT, the way your marketing department connects and nurtures your customers or internal dialogue of the company’s employees… it gives your company a brand presence and a recognition for your workplace culture.

Here are 15 reasons why communication is essential:

  1. Ensures company messaging is consistent and clear
  2. Builds credibility for your brand/services/product
  3. Helps nurture and sustain relationships with key stakeholders
  4. Enhances brand image while strengthening corporate reputation
  5. Minimizes damage to your brand’s reputation when mistakes are made (damage control)
  6. Builds good relationships with high-level stakeholders
  7. Reaches targeted media and niche audiences via tailored messaging, building more brand awareness in the process
  8. Positions brands and their employees as experts in their fields
  9. Creates top-of-mind awareness for customers and investors (positive brand association)
  10. Helps businesses identify and remove communication barriers in the workplace
  11. Circulates important information, like client and employee feedback, through a company
  12. Rallies both in-office and remote employees with important updates/office news/events
  13. Ensures employees are on the same page. Deadlines, goals, and performance standards are communicated clearly to everyone with no discrepancies
  14. Creates a transparent work culture where employees are more invested in the company’s success
  15. Prevents miscommunication by providing up-to-date information whenever employees need it

So how can your organisation improve its communication?

All of our speakers tailor their keynotes and training to meet your needs and are content matter experts, so not only do they inspire & motivate your audience, they provide ROI & actionable learning. Search in our topic category of Communication, Marketing & Negotiation for Stellar Speakers on this topic here.


“The Wellness Publicist”

Janey Lee Grace is best known for her appearances on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon,’ Holistic Life Coach, Broadcaster & Author. Janey is a TEDx speaker and passionate about all things holistic from organic food to parenting and not only does she help promote healthy living but she supports companies in all sectors on their PR.

Stellar Showreel

Caspar Craven believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results. He has built three separate successful million-dollar businesses from scratch and sold one whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean!

Casper talks on the topics of:

* Leadership
* Collaboration & Team
* Business & Strategy
* Mindset & Performance


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