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by | Jan 27, 2022 | Business Growth

keynote speaker on diversity equality and inclusion

Where does your organisation stand on the topic of diversity, equality and inclusion? In this article, we’re going to explore the topic and consider how a keynote speaker on diversity, equality and inclusion can help your organisation win the hearts and minds of its employees…

How we live together has been debated for centuries. Then, very slowly, we’ve begun to recognise that every individual has an equal right to make the most of their lives and talents. But of course, it’s one thing for an individual to be given rights, but quite another for them to be able to exercise it and come to live it. That, it seems, can take many generations…

Today however, diversity, equality, inclusion has risen much higher on the agenda. Pre-pandemic there was a degree of encouragement applied by governments and some organisations were taking action while others were just giving lip service. Post-pandemic however it’s a different story.

Has what employees tolerate shifted due to the pandemic?

The pandemic has given rise to a rapid shift in individual values, which in turn has a knock-on effect on corporate values, highlighted by an accelerated need among people to see tolerance, understand and action by their employers.

The pandemic seems to have made people consider what they value, what matters and what they will tolerate. As a result, we are more rapidly approaching a critical mass of people who are aware of, and tolerant towards the differences we find in others. This critical mass of people and willing to accept and celebrate the differences and similarities and are making a greater demand upon their employers to do the same.

But as organisations responding to this demand?

Are diversity, equality and inclusion values shifting?

As people shift their values, it builds greater pressure on organisations to shift their values too.

The media are calling a new post-pandemic paradigm the Great Resignation. In this paradigm one in four employees are apparently actively planning to change their employers in the next few months.

The Great Resignation is being billed as a sort of ‘Workers’ Revolution’ – an uprising against bad bosses and tone-deaf companies. Of the 6 main reasons cited by Forbes.com (Burnout, Lack of flexibility, Instances of discrimination, Contributions and ideas not being valued, Insufficient benefits, Well-being not supported by the company) discrimination affected 20%.

What can leaders do now?

It’s clear in a post-pandemic world that values have shifted and employers that move with the times are more likely to recruit the best people and enjoy loyalty. It’s probably also true that what is happening with The Great Resignation and employee values surrounding diversity, inclusions and equality are a naturally occurring phenomena, accelerated by the personal evaluation caused by the stress and strain of the pandemic.

That said, The Great Resignation is an opportunity for great leadership. It’s an opportunity for leaders in various roles in an organisation to value people, their production, life challenges, well-being and their ideas. In other words, valuing the whole person within every person in their organisation.

Companies that invite in a keynote speaker on diversity, equality and inclusion will show an intention to develop awareness and tolerance. Those that actively listen to their employees using professional facilitators will hear the challenges the company faces in developing and maintaining values of diversity, equality and inclusion.

But while values are shifting, are organisations just posturing, or are they acting?

What do the stats on Diversity, eqaulity and Inclusion tell us?

In a recent survey by Emtrain a survey across 83,000 employees at 100 companies, 58% of employees felt their employer has defined their Diversity and Inclusion goals, yet 67% (two-thirds) felt their company could do better.

What this tells us is that the majority or organisations are thinking about diversity and inclusion and that more clearly 33% of those organisations were acting. It also tells us that 67% are struggling to match intentions with effective action.

Inviting a keynote speaker on the topic of diversity, equality and inclusion is one step organisations can take. In the planning stages you may want to ask:
1. Is the company actually listening to people on this topic?
2. Could it be doing better?
3. If we took action to demonstrate values of diversity, equality and inclusion can we avoid the impact of The Great Resignation?
4. Do we need help to not just listen, but listen well?

What do diverse voices offer in an organisation?

Diverse voices within any organisation, give a fuller picture. By bringing diverse voices to the table an organisation is going to create a more complete product, build a more complete company, and contribute to a more complete, and together society.
In a diverse organisation employees are more likely to remain loyal if they feel respected and valued for their unique contribution. This, in turn, creates respect across teams as colleagues’ bond.

Employers should also be aware of the Glassdoor survey, where two-thirds of job hunters indicated that diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job offers. Clearly, if an organisation does not demonstrate diversity and inclusion from the outset, they diminish the talent pool and loyalty available to them.

Keynote speakers on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

While the quality, profile and budget of a speaker will likely remain the top priorities for organisations putting on events, diversity, equality and inclusion are now quite rightly also on the agenda.

Diversity, equality and inclusion can be demonstrated through speaker choices. At a corporate event, organisers will want to make sure they are enabling different voices to be heard with different gender and culture backgrounds being offered on stage.

Forward-thinking businesses will also hire in a keynote speaker on the topic of diversity, equality and inclusion, such as Derek Mills.

Derek Mills, The Standards Guy says, “As NASA discovered in the 50’s and 60’s, when they first sent John Glenn into space, they had to invite everyone, including African American women in order to achieve NASA’s greatest successes. It turned out that African American women had the best mathematical brains in the country.

“Where would NASA be now if they had maintained a position of lack of diversity and exclusion? Having the right organisational culture Standards trumps business goals and standard mission statements, every single day”.

An alternative to a keynote speaker on diversity, equality and inclusion is a facilitator who can open dialogue among your teams and employees. This demonstrates the organisation is listening and it allows the issues and challenges it may not know about to surface.

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