Work Place Change

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Business Growth

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This month’s topic is Work Place Change.

The pandemic forced business leaders worldwide to respond, at speed, and find new ways of working. In a matter of months, Covid-19 transformed people’s lives on an unprecedented scale, impacted every industry, and altering the course of companies’ growth.

During that time more people began working remotely from home. In truth the work-at-home movement was already on the rise, growing by 173% since 2005. IBM surveyed 25,000 Americans, concluding that 54% of them would like to work remotely full time, while 75% would like to have the option to do it occasionally.

It seems some people enjoy working in this way, while others prefer to mix and mingle with colleagues during the working day, but the trend since 2005 and the IBM study, may indicate that now more people have had extra flexibility for a time, employers may need to consider the need for more flexibility going forward.

Other work place changes include a shift in employee values. It seems the pandemic forced individuals, organizations, and even humanity at large to stop, look inward, and then shift how they operate in the world. As a result organisational values may now have become misaligned with employee’s values.

The pandemic forced everyone to make such rapid changes to their work-life and life, with little or no preparation. The changes included handling new protocols & new tools, setting up home office environments, as well as managing personal life circumstances such as sick and dying loved ones, caring for elderly, spouses being laid off, and home educating children.

It’s also true that large numbers of people may now be suffering from a kind of complex Post traumatic stress disorder, where not just one, but many incidences of stress added pressure. A study done in July 2020 showed that the rapid changes had impacted mental health, with 19 per cent of UK adults feeling hopeless.

It could be… that going forward, people might simply choose not to work for an employer that pays no heed to the mental health of their teams or it may be that organisations that compromise mental health will find even more people suffering sick days, simply because on top of everything else, they just can’t cope.

Companies will do well to consider team members from a whole life perspective, not just a work perspective and be prepared to have the difficult but critical conversations with their people. The old myth of a work life and a home life has been shattered .

Stellar Speakers MD, Neil Fellowes talks though the Post Pandemic Tech report and shares how organisations can quickly get clarity on the action that needs to be taken and the development required. Watch the video here.

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“Managing the Unexpected”

Specialist MC and conference facilitation sets the right tone for an event, as well as making it personal and relevant.
In this issue, Conference MC and facilitator, Roy Sheppard explains the role – including what happens when things go wrong…


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“The Possibility Architect”

Richard Tyler’s focus is helping leaders make the shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary. His background is in musical theatre, playing the lead in Les Miserables. Outside of theatre, Richard has blended psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients to become innovative and lead their industries.

Richard talks on the topics of:

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*Business & Strategy


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