Mindset speakers

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Mindset speakers

What’s the purpose behind you finding mindset speakers for your events?

Is it to:

  • Engage your team through thoughts and emotions in order to drive performance?
  • Look at the individual’s beliefs or alignment to company values?
  • Educate the audience on what’s possible, if they just knew how, or believed more…

The idea of hiring a mindset speaker is usually to help shift fixed mindsets and increase performance.

According to Stanford University Research mindsets play a significant role in determining life’s outcomes. By understanding, adapting and shifting your mindset, you can improve your health, decrease your stress and become more resilient to life’s challenges.

In a work environment it’s important for people to have a healthy mindset because the healthy mindset helps when passing on information and managing expectations. An unhealthy mindset in the workplace can lead to interpersonal problems when someone processes a request for example, through feelings such as guilt, inadequacy, sadness and anxiety. These feelings may have nothing to do with their job, just their mindset as they go about their job.

Are mindsets changeable?

Some people believe that mindsets are essentially fixed and therefore unchangeable. People with this belief struggle with mistakes or setbacks because the worry how they are perceived and how the mistake will affect their future.

For example, if you have a fixed mindset, you might notice that you have been clumsy with what you said at a networking event. You might then see this as evidence that you struggle to speak or connect with people. This may lead to a feeling of social anxiety and avoidance.

With a growth mindset, you know that you can change over time. In this scenario the mind is open to reflect on situations and learn and grow from challenges. In the networking scenario, someone with a growth mindset will look at what they did well, what they can do better and evaluate their performance knowing they will improve with practice.

People with fixed mindsets are not easy people to motive, change or improve. By contrast, people with a growth mindset see challenges as something that might be fun to overcome.

It’s important then that the mindset within an organisation is a growth mindset.

How Mindset Speakers help mindset growth

Mindset speakers are great at helping organisations and individuals develop the ability to:

  • Build trust and meaningful relationships, at work or personally Set goals
  • Be courageous
  • Lead effectively
  • Perform well
  • Learn effectively

Mindset speakers are experts at helping to shift mindsets. A fixed mindset won’t change because someone uses logic and tells someone to change or even how to change. But mindset speakers are able to bypass this resistance by sharing stories that engage an audience’s heart and then the mind. Their stories work because they effect the audience at an emotional level.

For example, Caspar Craven uses his personal adventures, circumnavigating the globe, to shift mindset. He helps audiences see what’s possible through his stories and then shares how to apply the learning from the story.
Because the story shows the audience what can be done, taking a new action is now not so impossible. The audience now just needs to know what actions to take or how to think differently about the challenges they face.

Categories of Mindset speakers

Mindset speakers cover various topics including: Adventure, business & strategy, leadership, female inspiration, teamwork & team building, mental resilience and peak performance.

Here are examples of 15 Mindset speakers for your next event:

Why Mindset Speakers Work

Mindset speakers provide an audience with important information about how they can achieve the things being asked of them. A mindset speaker provides the examples as well as the ‘how to’.

After experiencing the speaker, the audience’s creativity will be higher and fear and apprehension will be less or largely eradicated.

Mindset speakers material works on many levels:

1.It provides motivation to think or act in new ways
2.It changes perspectives where necessary allowing the audience to hear something in a new and different way
3.It shows how to use adversity for future success
4.It provides new ideas about how challenges can be tackled
5.It improves performance
6.It removes apprehension
7.It builds belief and confidence about what’s possible

How to book a Mindset speaker

It’s easy to book mindset speakers. At Stellar Speakers we have a 4 step process where we identify your needs, find the right speaker for you, help you plan the event and then work with you on the evaluation.

We believe all keynote speakers should be Stellar Speakers – able to entertain, connect with an audience and make a positive impact. As a unique speaker agency representing change-making keynote speakers, we provide expertise to help you manage your budgetary expectations and provide realistic options. We provide a preferred partner’s service base, so that partner clients get everything they need, lowering your risk as a booker of speakers, so you can make your choice about your next speaker with confidence.

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