The Post Pandemic Tech Industry

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Business Growth

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This month’s topic is The Post Pandemic Tech Industry.

As the impact of Covid-19 ripples through workplaces, it’s essential for organisations to explore how technology can support the emergence of new workplace systems and procedures, to ensure that teams can work productively, securely and safely, wherever they are based and new leadership styles as a result of shifting values. Here’s a summary of the latest industry insights report published by Stellar Speakers (full report available below).

  • Tech systems, IT and AI will be used increasingly and replaced a lot of manual labour. This will almost certainly cause a loss of human connection within organisations and have a negative impact on moral, mental health and it will also impact trust, relationships and interactions with customers.
  • Therefore, corporations & leaders are responsible for increasing their team dynamics, supporting those who work more remotely and looking at how they enrich the cultural experience for their staff and customers.
  • Going forward the Tech industry will drive vast amounts of innovation and change and will want to lead their organisations forward and be an example to other industries and organisations on how to run a business well.
  • An organisation will always want to be lean, but going forward the human connection may be vital because the mental health and alignment to values will be what drives the loyalty, innovation and creativity of the workforce.
  • With this in mind organisations should reconfigure values and missions immediately post Covid to ensure employees and the organisation are all facing in the same direction.
  • Tech business models will need to be considered and adopt a contingency for future fast moving and unknown variables such as pandemic-like events. It may take into account widespread quarantines, extended school closures and travel restrictions and the detrimental impact on the health and mental wellness of the workforce.
  • Staff’s mental health should be paramount in the immediate future with support available to help them through business and personal pressure that may affect
    their ability to perform.
  • Organisations will want to ensure they do all they can to ensure the safety of their employees and customers, not just regarding Covid-19, but also in regard of cyber security.

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To access the Full Post Pandemic Tech Report 2021 (download it here).



“The Adventurous Entrepreneur”

Caspar Craven has over 30 years’ experience in building successful teams, from finance through to tech industries. He’s also run & sold his own 7-figure company whilst sailing around the world with his wife & kids! Learn how your Personal Family Team have the blueprint for your Dream Professional Team.


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Richard Tyler’s focus is helping leaders make the shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary. His background is in musical theatre, playing the lead in Les Miserables. Outside of theatre, Richard has blended psychology, the arts and leadership to jolt clients to become innovative and lead their industries.

Richard talks on the topics of:

* Leadership, Collaboration and Team,
*Mindset & Performance,
*Psychology, Wellbeing & Spirituality,
*Business & Strategy


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