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This month’s topic is: THE TEAM RESET

It happens more than we probably all realise. Some of us show signs of it, some us seek to deal with it silently, some of us meet it head-on. But the truth is, stress, burnout and overwhelm are all around us – within us and within the team.

On the one hand, stress is a good thing (it’s the friction that happens during growth) but elongated stress, unhandled, with no end in sight or no strategies to handle it, can lead to the kind of consequences both individuals and organisations would prefer to avoid.

While many organisations are doing something about stress and mental health damage, is your organisation doing the right things and in the right quantity to help your teams not just survive, but thrive.

Caspar Craven, known as the Adventurous Entrepreneur, works with teams to remove stress through clarity. He says, “When there are lots of competing objectives it’s easy to spin around in circles, but where there is crystal clear clarity, stress levels drop”.

If your work teams don’t yet feel they have crystal-clear clarity or the stress levels are running high, maybe it’s time to have an exploratory conversation.

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“The Core Connector”

Penny Power is responsible for co-founding Ecademy (a pre-runner to Linked-in with 650,000 members) and the Digital Youth Academy. Her passion for community and skills is evident in her books, the best-selling, Know Me, Like Me, Follow Me; Business is Personal, and the Digital Business Britain Manifesto. She is keen to ensure that business start-ups, self-employed, business owners and employed people are guided and supported in a world of communication that not only impacts the mental health of teenagers, but also working adults


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“The Adventurous Entrepreneur”

Caspar Craven believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results. He has built three separate successful million-dollar businesses from scratch and sold one whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean!

Casper talks on the topics of:

* Leadership
* Collaboration & Team
* Business & Strategy
* Mindset & Performance



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