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Adversity, Diversity & Inclusion

A workplace that is both diverse and inclusive involves and supports everyone regardless of who they are or what they do for the business.

Topics often related to diversity & inclusion include adversity, black history, race and ethnicity, emotional intelligence, LBGT+ & Mental health & Wellbeing.

Business & Strategy

How will you reach your company goals & objectives? How will you enable, engage, motivate & inspire your people to grow & deliver success?

Topics often related to business & strategy include: change management, business management, economics, climate change, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, making things happen, team performance & sales.

Communication, Marketing & Negotiation

Communication is a skill as well as a culture!  Reviewed & developed it becomes powerful. Whether it be the leadership style of the SLT, the way your marketing department connects & nurtures your customers or internal dialogue of the company’s employees… it gives your company a brand presence and a recognition for your workplace culture.

Topics often related to communication, marketing & negotiation include: sales, making things happen, social marketing, events & creative thinking

Culture, Society & Demographics

What do people say about your organisation when you are not in the room? Studies show that companies who measure profit and monetary incentives higher than human empathy and employee understanding are more likely to damage business performance. In the current climate employee’s values have shifted, affecting where the talent dwells. Will you ensure the talent is with you?

Related topic include: Politics, diversion, equality & inclusion, climate change & well-being.

Customer Service & Sales

Acquiring customers costs 6–7x more than retaining your existing ones, so hiring great operators who keep your clients happy is paramount. It can be the difference between a hot IPO or exit, or just keeping the lights on. 

Economics, Current Affairs and Finance

How aware are you of how current affairs effect economics and finance? Are you aware of the trends and how they should be affecting your planning, marketing and strategy? Unless your finger is on the pulse, you are open to losing market share…

Related topics: Culture, society, demographics, business and strategy

Environment & Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is the buzz, but even today, many leaders haven’t prioritised climate change. Many organisations don’t know what they can do and government guidelines are not as helpful as they could be. But help is at hand… 

Related topics: Climate change, business & strategy

Emcee & Facilitation

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.” What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved. If you want to give value at your next conference book an MC, if you want to get to the heart of a matter use our facilitator.

HR & Talent Management

Organisations are being called to care more about their people, and thanks to the necessary exposure of misplaced company and employee welfare practices (such as BBC gender pay gap, Uber & the Harvey Weinstein #Metoo campaign), HR & talent management are being urged to push past the ‘fluff’ and address what really matters… their people. 

Related topics: Diversity, equality and inclusion, facilitation, mental health & wellbeing, leadership & working with millennials.

Innovation & Creativity

Creativity helps express ideas. Innovation helps to solve an issue. These days tech impacts almost everything from sport to art & from education to environment. However one of the challenges with tech is how do we use it for the good of humanity, rather than have it isolate and addict? 

Related topics include: Artificial intelligence, futurism, sustainability, cyber security, digital disruption.

Leadership Collaboration & team

Collaborative team leadership enables everyone to contribute. It prevents silos and helps work move forward in frictionless ways. Leaders are encouraged to find inspiring ways to bring their people together, building a strong work community and an environment of getting things done effectively.

Related topics Include: Adventure, Adversity, change, team, business & strategy

Mindset & Performance

Are minds engaged and producing the thoughts and emotions that drive performance? Are an individual’s beliefs serving them and the company and are company values driving clear standards that are driven into interaction every moment of every day? 

Related topics include: Adventure, business & strategy, leadership, female inspiration, teamwork & team building, mental resilience, peak performance.  

Psychology, Wellbeing & Spirituality

Psychological wellbeing isn’t just the absence of illness, it’s the presence of the positive, healthy way in which a person grows and interacts. It includes feeling purposeful, having autonomy over one’s own life and their immediate environment. More and more employers are being called to support the positive welling and spiritual growth of the people in their organisations.

Related topics include: Mental health, resilience, adversity, emotional intelligence, women’s day, diversity, equality and inclusion.